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Dr. Carl Willendorf: Psychoanalyst of Creatures, Monsters, & Other Beasts https://grantthomasonline.com/shop is a 10-page, black and white mini comic written and illustrated by Grant Thomas. Price $1.

In this mini we pay a visit to the office of Doctor Carl Willendorf. There the good doctor talks to a reclining Minotaur about his unconventional family origins. Great line work, layout, and pacing! There are so many creatures, monsters, and beasts out there that clearly need counseling, I think Dr. Willendorf has a long series of minis ahead of him!

Dodo Comics No. 6 https://grantthomasonline.com/shop is a 20-page, black and white, digest size comic written and illustrated by Grant Thomas. Price $3.

The saga of Medusa continues in this issue of Dodo as the snakes show her a new source of water and a betrayal brings out a darker side! Meanwhile, plans are hatched to defend against a Holy War! The issue concludes with four pieces dedicated to the Everglades titled The Forever Glades. In these four pages we’re treated to both clean, attractive line drawings of scenes from within the Everglades and a brief history of the region. Dodo serves up even more great storytelling and art from the very talented Grant Thomas!

You can get these great comics at https://grantthomasonline.com/shop and you can receive mini comics from Grant every two months by subscribing to https://www.patreon.com/mylifeinrecords


For Mini-Comic Monday it’s…Dodo Comics #5 http://www.grantthomasonline.com/shop a 20-page, black and white, digest size comic written and illustrated by Grant Thomas.

In this issue we’re introduced to a young Medusa and her sisters. We learn of a water shortage that plays a role in dividing Medusa’s surrounding community that is already separated by religions. Medusa soon meets a love interest and together the two work out a plan to provide water to all, in this first part of Medusa!

Grant rolls out an entertaining story that presents a known character in a new and interesting light. The art, layout, and pacing all come together to propel the story ahead and build anticipation. Medusa’s snakes make an appearance, but have not yet taken up residence on her head. Will this Medusa follow the same path as that of the Medusa of mythology, or will this tale twist in some other direction? Find out for yourself by grabbing a copy of Dodo Comics #5 for just $3 at http://www.grantthomasonline.com/shop and find more from Grant Thomas at https://www.patreon.com/mylifeinrecords and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/mylifeinrecords


For Mini-Comic Monday it’s…Copy That! #56! This issue is a 28-page, B&W info/news mini comic zine published by D. Blake Werts. Cover by Jacob Alvarez.

In this issue of Copy That! Joseph Tenney interviews Jacob Alvarez! Joseph and Jacob talk about connecting with other cartoonist, being a part of Cartoon Loonacy, getting into comics and the underground, painting, doing stand-up and improv, the graphic novel Chinatown Bus, hipster culture, redneck Ghost Rider, inking the Scud way, recommended reading, influences, the future of comics, and more! You can follow Jacob Alvarez on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/hypnospiral_comics/ and on Twitter at @MJacobAlvarez

In the community news and info section we get a few pages featuring the offerings of: Alan Sissom (Comics Link Spotlight); Brian Leonard (Odd Mojo); Charles Brubaker (The Fuzzy Princess); Horsty (multiple titles); Ian Shires (Time Trvlr); Matt Feazell (Leftover Convention Sketchbook, and 5 O’Clock Shadow); Matt Jones (A Trip to Die For, and Trick Or…); and news from RC Harvey!

To get your hands on Copy That! and for more info contact:

Blake Werts

12339 Chesley Drive

Charlotte, NC 28277

or email Blake at: bwerts (at) vnet (dot) net



Onomatopoeia! http://www.meghasissues.com is a 16-page, B and W, digest size, glossy comic written and illustrated by Meg Golding.

This is a collection of a few, funny short stories. The comic opens with a warrior that just can’t seem to do anything right, that’s followed by a Mac and PC out on an awkward date trying to find out if they’re compatible! Also in this little treasure of polished art, shiny pages, and eccentric humor is the history of the world through butts!

Check out Onomatopoeia! and more from Meg Golding on Twitter at @thedamnhipsters and even more at http://www.damnhipsters.com/ and http://www.meghasissues.com/


Yellow Walls, The Monkey Bizness Confessions https://buff.ly/2P2xPyE is a 60-page, B and W with yellow cardstock cover, digest size, True Stories, Mature Readers comic zine created by Chris Kill.

Chris explains that about a decade ago he drew comic strips about his first work experience at an indoor playground business. Now some ten years later he has put together this comic that explores the true stories of his and his coworkers exploits while working within the yellow walls of Monkey Bizness!

The comic is divided up into sections and each section has an overall theme that runs through it. The themes covered include odd jobs, cleaning nightmares, pranks and hijinks, love and lust, workplace dating, smut, drugs and alcohol, and crime and punishment. Stuck in there somewhere there are also recollections about a penis shaped cake, hiring a monkey, sex on an air hockey table, and larceny!

Chris provides a fun, and at times outrageous, look at the youthful recklessness of young adult life in the workplace. Through it all he illustrates the shenanigans with a simple, consistent line that captures each characters’ uniqueness and details a believable background setting for all the action!

You can step inside the Yellow Walls, The Monkey Bizness Confessions at https://buff.ly/2P2xPyE and follow Chris Kill across social media at @ChrisKillCo