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Drongo Issue 1 Natalie Michelle Watson Drongo Issue 1 is a full-colour (with some black and white pages) zine a bit closer in size to US letter than to A4 with a variety of articles, comics, a quiz…

Source: (300th!) Zine Review: Drongo Issue 1 – Sea Green Zines


A short little zine detailing the day to day life of the Mushrump, a little half mole half fungus creature.

This zine is 7.5cm by 11cm and hand made by me.

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Source: Bodie



Have you seen Stuart Stratu’s daily diary series? Fun stuff from the mastermind behind the Sick Puppy and Blackguard minicomix anthologies.

The issues above are older but contact Stratu to catch up on newer ones. You can also get a peek at recent strips here.


The new Minicomic of the Month Club offerings for 2017 are up. Take a peek at some of what Australia and New Zealand have to offer.

An annual subscription to fine minicomics from Australian and New Zealand cartoonists and storytellers. Twelve comics from twelve artists in 2017

Source: Minicomic of the Month Club 2017