AMAZING WORLD OF DC COMICS #12 Mike Grell WALT SIMONSON Legion of Super-Heroes 1976


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Contents include: interview with Mike Grell; science fiction in DC Comics; “Earth After Disaster” continuity article; “Confessions of an Overage Comic Book Fanatic”; “The Alien Among Us”, an 11-page comic by Oleck and Grell; article on Strange Adventures; “The Legion Outpost”; more.

Writers include: Paul Levitz, Michael Fleisher, Carl Gafford, Dana L.F. Anderson, Jack Oleck, Jack C. Harris, Bob Rozakis

Artists include: Mike Grell, Walt Simonson, John Workman, Dave Manak

Characters in art include: Legion of Super-Heroes, Warlord, Isis (photo), Green Lanterns, Metal Men, Hercules, Kamandi, Atomic Knights, Darkseid, OMAC, Green Arrow, Mon-El, Animal Man, Deadman, Superboy, Ultra Boy, Nightwing (Lara Londo), Sweathogs (Welcome Back, Kotter cast photo)

Specs: 52 pages, saddle-stitched magazine. Published by National Periodical Publications, 1976.

Condition: Light wear, ding at spine (back, near top), complete and intact, no tears or other markings, tight binding, clean interiors. Please enlarge the images for a closer look.

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