NOBLE HEAD FUNNIES #6 mini-comic EDWARD BOLMAN minicomix 2018



The Sassy Nibbler’s here, and Kitty Fluff’s got him! Plus, War and Fleas! Spittoon’s Unprecedented Invention! The Horror of Mr. Woolly Worm! The Return of Trylon and Perisphere! Escape from Satan’s Sandbox! All brought to you by delicious CHLURM, the breakfast in a bucket! Noble Head Funnies is the ONLY comic with multiple layers of mirth, forming a veritable lasagna of laughter! Reserve your copy now, before they all tumble into laps of luxury!

Written and drawn by longtime small press cartooner, Edward Bolman (Naugacomics, Boho Bros’ Alphabet Soup Kitchen, Rock and Roll Death Wagon).

Low-frills shipping is included in the price for this one and all proceeds help in building and maintaining the Mini-Comic and Fanzine Database.

– 4¼ x 5½
– 32 pages
– published by Poopsheet Foundation, June 2018 (PFDB #14)

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