Monthly Mini-Comics (Mar. 2018) WAG RAG #5 and AS I RECALL THE ‘SIXTIES



The March 2018 installment of the Poopsheet Foundation Monthly Mini-Comic series. All proceeds help in building and maintaining the Mini-Comic and Fanzine Database. Shipping is included in the price for this series.

This time we’ve got two solo comics:

Hal Mundane‘s Slow Death of a Pseudo-Intellectual (Wag Rag #5), underground comix about a creative type who overanalyzes and over-agonizes.
Steve WillisAs I Recall the ‘Sixties. Originally published in 1983, this mini calls out the remarkable similarities of two decades in American history.

– 5½ x 8½ and 2¾ x 4¼”
– 8 pages each
– published by the Poopsheet Foundation, 2018

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