HEIR OF THE DOG underground comix WILLIS Wayno GAITHER Bolman FEAZELL mini 1987



In 1987 Steve Willis announced that he was killing his Morty the Dog character for good this time (or so he said). So the team of Hal Hargit and David Tosh got a bunch of cartoonists together to produce this thick “affectionate tribute/roast/eulogy” for the character (and his creator, of course). I think this really is a must-have item for fans of Steve Willis and a pretty great item for fans of comix in general.

Check out this list of contributors: Steve Willis, Wayno, Bob Vojtko, Jeff Gaither (Monsters & Mutants), Walter Rodgers (Just Another 8-Page Wonder), Andy Nukes, D. Tosh (Hey!), Matt Feazell (Cynicalman), Jim Ryan, Brad W. Foster, Edward (Ted) Bolman, Dale Luciano (Dada Gumbo Press), W.C. Pope, Allen Freeman (Slam Bang), Mike Hill (Modernman), Jim Thompson, Hal Hargit and Matt Borders (Psychomix). Yours truly also has a page in there but I assure you that was just a fluke.

Highlights include:
* Morty meets R. Crumb’s Fritz the Cat (courtesy of D. Tosh)
* a gorgeous Morty centerspread by Jeff Gaither
* Steve Willis as a Matt Feazell stick character
* Wayno’s story in which Morty meets Howie the Hat (sort of) and speaks only in lines from classic R&B songs
* Ted Bolman’s “The Mortys Steve Didn’t Draw”
* an 8½ × 11″ fold-out jam by Willis and most of the contributors

– 4¼ × 5½”
– 52 pages, cardstock covers
– published by Ozone Press, 1987

Condition: Tiny water spot on upper spine edge, otherwise minor wear, complete and intact, no tears or markings, tight binding. Please enlarge the images above for a closer look.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4.25 x 5.5 x 0.25 in


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