Keep PF Going Strong

The Poopsheet Foundation exists to support the small press community but its existence depends greatly on that community. Here are a few ways you can help keep it going:

• Link to the Mini Mart, the Comic Zine Database and/or the PF Community from your website / blog / Facebook / etc. If you have a permanent section for links, please consider adding us and we hope you’ll also link to site content when the mood strikes.

• Invite friends to join us at the PF Community for social networking and self-promotion.

• Browse the Mini Mart (and the Poopsheet Shop!) for some new comics and zines to read.

• Join in! Remember, you’re always welcome to post news about your latest projects, photos, events, small press reviews, etc. at the PF Community site.

• Friend/follow/like us at the Facebook group, Twitter or Instagram.

• Donate mini-comics and related items to the Poopsheet Foundation Permanent Archives. These items will be added to the Database/archives in addition to the thousands of comics we already have data for.

• Donate comics/artwork/etc. to be sold in the Poopsheet Shop or through eBay in benefit of the Poopsheet Foundation.

• Donate directly to the PF PayPal account (more details below).

• Join us on Patreon if you’re up for a monthly pledge of a dollar or more.

• Print some PF flyers (PDFs coming soon!) and send them out with your zine orders.

• Let us know how this site could better serve you.


Rick Bradford and the Poopsheet Foundation manage and maintain the Mini Mart (online small press marketplace), the Comic Zine Database (history project), and the PF Community site (social networking/self-promotion). All of these services are available to use and enjoy at no charge. This includes selling at the Mini Mart.

However, the reality is that hosting and maintenance for all three aspects of PF do cost money and require a lot of hands-on time for yours truly. The more time I can devote, the better the service.

What I’m proposing is a “pay what you can” system. This is aimed particularly at those selling at the Mini Mart but also for anyone who enjoys what PF offers.

What you donate and when you donate is entirely up to you. Maybe you want to donate monthly, maybe you want to base it on your previous month’s sales, or maybe you’ll drop something in the hat when you’re able. All donations are greatly appreciated and benefit everyone.

Here are a few options you might consider:

This is for those who are interested in a monthly pledge and a “set it and forget it” setup. If you pledge $5.00 a month you’ll also receive a copy of every new mini-comic I publish.

The PF Community site has a Donate option that’s available at any time. It also has a recurring payment option similar to Patreon’s.

Donations can also be made directly to me via this PayPal link at any time. If you choose the “friend” option there are no fees on my end.

I truly love working on the various aspects of the Poopsheet Foundation and I sincerely appreciate any gifts that help me to keep it going.

Thank you so much for your support!

–Rick Bradford