How to List Products

Product Short Description:

•  This appears below the price and above the product tags. If you also include text in the main Product Description field, that will appear in the tabs below the tags. If you only use the Short Description field the tab for Product Description won’t appear. It really just depends on how you want your listings to look.


• Please use relevant tags and only relevant tags. If your item is in the correct category there’s no need to repeat the category name (“comic”, for example). If a tag doesn’t describe the item in part then it doesn’t apply. Keyword stuffing is not allowed and won’t be tolerated.

• When you type you’ll see existing tag options pop up. Whenever possible, please use the existing tag for the sake of consistency and usefulness.


• When you list a product you’ll see a Shipping tab with empty fields. As long as you’ve set up your shipping in Store Settings > Shipping, you can ignore them. The empty fields only show up in the listing form so you can modify shipping per product if you so choose.


• You can manually choose for other items to show up on the product page (in addition to the “Related products” section at the bottom). This lets you recommend more of your own items on each of your listings. Three to five items is ideal.


• These show up in the cart when the item is added. Two items is ideal.


• Filling these out will help more people find you and improve your listing’s relationship with search engines. The Facebook and Twitter fields are for the data that will show when links are shared to those platforms. Ticking the “OpenGraph” and “Twitter Card” boxes will improve how links for the item look when shared to those platforms.


• In Seller Dashboard > Products you’ll see a “Duplicate” option underneath existing products. This can be a time-saver but be aware that it will retain the SEO info and meta data for the listing you’re copying. You’ll have to edit that for the new listing, the simplest way being to just delete what’s in those fields (the fields will automatically be populated with data from the new listing).

Manage Stock:

• This option is under the Inventory tab. Enabling will automatically remove your listing from visible inventory once it sells (or once your quantity reaches zero). The listing remains but doesn’t show on the frontend. Be sure to fill in the appropriate fields below it.