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John Orlando’s Comix and Stories #0 by John Orlando

John Orlando’s Comix and Stories is a 48-page, black and white, digest size, perfect bound anthology written and illustrated by John Orlando. Published by Hippy Comix.

John loads up his Comix and Stories with highly detailed and dynamic art, full of neat and exaggerated characters! The art alone makes this comic a great page flipper, but John delivers even more entertainment with a wide variety of stories! He starts us out with some strange tales from his autobiographic “My Paranormal Life!” In these stories John hears voices, develops an odd relationship with fire, fights off bugs, and encounters something weird in the kitchen! Later John gets some relief from the spooky business that has enveloped his life from a mysterious lady with unusual abilities! Then, traveling back in time, we find the namesake of this comix and his friend Troy receiving the word of god from the kicking end of a boot. Not content with letting the assailant get off scot-free, the two plot revenge! Next up we’re treated to a little horror story about a considerate corpse concerned with feeding his worms, then some short pieces about time, shit, breast feeding and even some spotlighted underground comix from Hippy Comix!

Find John Orlando’s Comix and Stories at and more at and

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The Seas

The Seas is a 49-page, A5, landscape, color anthology with an aquatic theme. Created by Ian Miller, Dave Crane, Mister Zinester, Gareth Hopkins, Iestyn Pettigrew, Miranda Smart, Sophie Ell, Vacuum Books, Jaime Nyx, Motobus, and Simon Russell and published by Body Parts.

Ride the waves of The Seas with an eclectic group of creators as they chart a course of self-exploration and navigate their way through mysterious waters with the use of words and images! Each story in this collection is a unique piece completely different from the next. The only commonality is the individual voice that resonates like a flowing stream, running through the pages and emptying into The Seas! The narrative styles and artwork are truly original and combine to form imaginative compositions that reveal personal stories and splendid art unlike anything you’re likely to find elsewhere!

Set sail for The Seas at and find more at and and find more from the creators of The Seas at:

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Extra Good Stuff by Dennis P. Eichhorn and various artists

Extra Good Stuff is a 64-page, full size, black and white, adult-oriented autobiographical Trade Paperback written by Dennis P. Eichhorn with art by Ivan Brunetti, Tom Van Deusen, Michael Arnold, Gerald Jablonski, Aaron Lange, Dame Darcy, R.L. Crabb, Pat Moriarity, David Collier, Colin Upton, Max Clotfelter, J.R. Williams, Noah Van Sciver, David Lasky, Sean Hurley, Ashleigh Talbot, and Stan W. Shaw. Published by Last Gasp.

This is Dennis P. Eichhorn’s last book. He died in 2015 and Last Gasp released Extra Good Stuff shortly thereafter. In this collection of reprints and new stories Dennis and his artistic accomplices explore Dennis’ everyday world of sex, drugs, and weird experiences that make the lives most of us live look like a quiet evening at the local library. In these stories Dennis offers us an honest glimpse into a life lived to the fullest. From taxiing prostitutes around to prospecting for gold, Extra Good Stuff provides unique observations as related by a talented story teller and illustrated by an assemblage of some of the best indie artists in comics today!

The stories all resonate with a truth that cuts to the quick of the human experience. Uncertainty, desperation, struggles, and poverty all serve as too common yet realistic backdrops to situations wrapped in dark humor and offbeat misadventures. Each artist masterfully captures the essence of the tale being told with exquisite line work and attention to detail. The variety of styles and the diversity of stories make Extra Good Stuff an entertaining comic that’s hard to put down!

You can find Extra Good Stuff at

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Gag Reflex #1 by Sergio Zuniga

Gag Reflex #1 is a 24-page, black and white (with color covers), standard size ADULT comic written and illustrated by Sergio Zuniga.

This comic is awesome! Each page is a collection of different, single panel gag cartoons. The subjects of the cartoons range from the absurd to the ridiculous, with plenty of sordid bits thrown in! Some of the characters gracing the pages are known, recognizable figures, while most are exaggerated, peculiar beings rendered in fantastic detail! Sergio’s mastery of the line is on full display from cover to cover! His drawings are full of expressive elements that beg to be scrutinized by the reader so as not to miss a thing. This dude can lay down the ink in the most satisfyingly weird way!

You can find Gag Reflex #1 along with other works by Sergio Zuniga at and find more from him on and

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Mr. Do 2

Mr. Do 2 is a 20-page, black and white, digest size comic created by Cameron Forsley, Beatnick, Christopher Holt, Mike Lutz, Macgillicutty, and Sarah Forsley. Published by Steady Ebb Comics.

Mr. Do ponders by a pond and takes a walk through the forest with a blacked-out butterfly. While walking he encounters a talking mask that ask a bunch of questions until a helping hand intervenes with a well-placed rock. A rat makes off with the mask and a demon takes an interest in Mr. Do! All this and Mr. Do’s Mushroom Forest, a flying severed finger (that may also be the blacked-out butterfly?), neat underground art, strange stories, and the ultimate question Pink Floyd asked us all! What more can you ask for?!

Find more from these folks on Instagram at @beatnick_art @cameronforsleyart @macgillicutty666 @misfit13888 @spat1011 and and  

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Gravely Unusual

Gravely Unusual “The Most Unusual Illustrated Magazine!” is a 72-page, Black and White, horror themed magazine featuring comics, fiction, and interviews. Published by Terror Nosferatu Propaganda.

In “Clamor of the Bells” by Matthew M. Montelione (words), Pedro Lajud (art), and Eduardo Camacho (letters), an 18th century gentleman finds himself in a hellish, dream-like place somehow familiar yet foreign. Unable to utter a sound and surrounded by silence, he follows the strange ringing of bells…into the dark unknown!

In “Welcome to the Black Church” we get a change of pace as musical artist JakProgresso (AKA Jak Tripper) sits down for an interview. During the exchange JakProgresso talks about music, reading, movies, and his personal history with witches, gypsies, and the supernatural among other things.

Next a weary traveler stops to help a couple of kids in “Treppegeist” by Matt McGrath (words) and James English (art). The children claim their cat has run off into an old building. The traveler agrees to enter the creepy place to find the kids’ kitty…but things aren’t what they seem!

Then come two written pieces. First Adrian Encomienda treats us to a story about a family curse with a dark twist in Blank Page 237! Then Scott Hughes brings us a tale of two friends that venture out into the night to learn the dark secret of The Bone Box!

Returning to comics, Scott Bryan Wilson (writer) and Tom Napolitano (artist) conspire to give us The Unswerving Honesty of Reflections! In this tale a young man re-tales of a disturbing fateful family reunion that leaves its ominous mark on all involved over the course of decades!

At the Lexington Comics and Toy Convention the powers behind Gravely Unusual had the good fortune to briefly interview James O’Barr (The Crow)! In this quick Q and A you get a real feel for the type of guy O’Barr is and his general view of the comic book industry.

And in the final offering of this collection of Gravely Unusual stories, interviews, and comics we end with Deflower by Edwin Gallihan (story) and Sean Kelley (art)! This touching tale revolves around a young girl growing up to realize her childhood dream of one day being given away by her beloved father to…Darkness!

Gravely Unusual proved to be a unique pleasure to read and feast my eyes on! The horror theme bleeds across all 72 pages in dark delights of black ink on glossy paper. Long shadows cast their reach throughout the magazine touching a variety of characters, pulling them all into glorious gory peril sure to please the dark hearted!

Find Gravely Unusual at and on Instagram at and on Twitter at  and on Facebook at

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Palm Tree by Grant Thomas

Palm Tree is a 10-page, black and white, silent, folded mini comic written and illustrated by Grant Thomas.

Just in time for Easter, this little mini tells the story of a guy and a palm tree and makes reference to another guy known for having a connection to palms, among other things!

You can pick-up this little mini comic for just $1 at and find more from Grant Thomas at and on Twitter at

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Rooftop Stew by Max Clotfelter, published by Birdcage Bottom Books

Rooftop Stew is a 120-page, Black and White, perfect bound, standard size comic written and illustrated by Max Clotfelter. Published by Birdcage Bottom Books.

What can I say folks, I love Max Clotfelter’s art and stories! The rawness, the crudeness, and the over the top outlandishness just grabs something in me! I can relate to these stories and find myself getting lost in the overflowing line work and lavishly detailed hatching! In this collection of tales Max serves up both the fictional and autobiographical to entertain and delight fans that long for something a little different, and something that captures the lost purity of the underground! This is lowbrow comix at its finest! You can help give a boot to this most deserving KickStarter project at and find more from Birdcage Bottom Books at and and

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Ask a Cat Digest #11

For mini-comic Monday…it’s Ask a Cat Digest #11 a 12-page, digest size, Black and White, all-ages, humor comic written and illustrated by Charles Brubaker.

Charles’ comical cat invites readers to ask any questions that the furry feline can call on its whiskered wisdom to answer. In this installment the Cat explains such things as: the many methods you can use to send in your questions; favorite types of pasta; the wacky world of Japanese commercials; the mysterious elasticity of cats; the magic world inside of sofas; how to know someone’s really your friend; cat apps; diaries; knocking things over; and enemies and black holes!

You can Ask a Cat yourself at and even Ask a Cat via e-mail at and find more from Charles Brubaker at and and

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Unibrow #1: It’s Alive!

Unibrow #1: It’s Alive! is a 28-page, full size, black and white, lowbrow illustration, ADULTS ONLY, comix zine anthology featuring the art of 1000STYLES, Bakerzduzen, Butt Coffin, Craig Gleason, Scott Wygmans, Edward Kelley, Eric J. Eckert, Joel Abad, Junk Yard, Keith Caves,

KyleBunga, Matt Stikker, Max Colson, Nerd Gore, Peachmunkey, Eric Reed, Sketchy Tank, Terminal Radness, Tom Joyce, Two Dimes, Unsunghero, Wizard Cleave, Wizard of Barge, and YYYYs!

This neat zine is running over with awesome, highly detailed lowbrow art full of blisters, boils, and boobs all gloriously rendered in an abundance of beautiful black ink! There’re monsters, skulls, and skeletons intermixed with word searches, crossword puzzles, and an orgy of other fun oddities! Find more from Unibrow Zine at and and and