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High-Low: Rob Clough on mini-Kus! #63-66

Let’s take a look at the latest from everyone’s favorite Latvian comics publisher:…

Source: High-Low: The Return of mini-Kus!: A.Diaz, P.Franz, F. Lobo, R.Muradov

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Rob Clough Visits the Center for Cartoon Studies

Center for Cartoon Studies

This past week I attended Industry Day at the Center for Cartoon Studies, which occurs late in the spring semester and brings editors, publishers, critics and agents together to do a two-hour panel on the state of the comics industry as well as several hours worth of one-on-one portfolio reviews. Here are some scattered thoughts regarding the experience.

Read more at: High-Low

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Latest mini-comics reviews by Rob Clough

Rob Clough takes a look at minis from Eleanor Davis, Kelly Froh, Sara Lautman, Anuj Shrestha and L. Nichols.

Source: High-Low: Minis: E.Davis, L.Nichols, K.Froh, A.Shrestha, S.Lautman