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Catte Belle and Macka and CAB Gets Inked 2019 by Charles Brubaker

Catte Belle and Macka and CAB Gets Inked 2019 are each 20-page, black and white, minicomic, comic strip books written and illustrated by Charles Brubaker. Published by Smallbug Press.

These two black and white minis (the color image is a postcard) feature Charles’ 2019 Inktober work through a series of single and multiple panel cartoons. Familiar characters from Charles’ comic books and strips make appearances in short gag-themed strips showcasing Charles’ mastery of inking and storytelling! Each of these are great for a quick chuckle, but can also be viewed as a resource for learning about the anatomy of a cartoon. Charles does an excellent job of laying out multiple panels to set up a gag and then deliver with 100% satisfaction! A lot can be gleaned from these minis as well as any of Charles’ other comics!

You can find all sorts of comics and art by Charles Brubaker at and enjoy even more at

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The Tower In The Sea by B. Mure

The Tower in the Sea is a 92-page, full color, digest size, fantasy comic written and illustrated by B. Mure Published by Avery Hill Publishing.

In The Tower in the Sea, we return to the world of Ismyre for another quiet and fantastical mystery tale set in an old world of ordinary magic. Off the coast of Ismyre, a group of illicit magicians have been gathering for years, schooling others in the ways of long-forgotten divinations. From high up in this forbidden home, a young scholar keeps dreaming visions of a terrible future and looks out across the ocean for answers…

B. Mure paints interesting characters and landscapes with pale watercolors to tell this story of mysticism and mystery. You can journey to The Tower in the Sea at and find more from B. Mure at  and more from Avery Hill Publishing at

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Goofy Funnies No. 9 by Dexter Cockburn

Goofy Funnies No. 9: Dexter Cockburn Underground Comix is a 32-page, black and white, color cover, digest size, ADULTS ONLY humor comic written and illustrated by Dexter Cockburn. Published by The Comix Company.

If you like ADULT COMIX, then you gotta check out Dexter Cockburn’ Goofy Funnies! In these pages you’ll find nothing but cleanly drawn, unabashed, adult fun! Dexter really displays his talents as an artist and storyteller! The comic starts off with the continuing saga Space Rats, as Spunky finds himself imprisoned with a sex-starved space mouse that wants to be set free, but has a stronger urge for something else! Then in a mostly silent story, Fudster gives a buxomy babe a pearl necklace! Later Pippa Creme goes on a date and finds herself doing a little under the table work! Next Junior Ranger Becky has to hide Bosco Bear when an unexpected visitor cums a knocking! And finally Fudster gets it up again when he and a voluptuous vixen fill the pages with all sorts of lubricious loveliness! 

You can enjoy the grown-up Goofy Funnies at and find more at

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The Space Odditorium by Chris Calzia and Dave Law

The Space Odditorium is 12-page, full color, digest size, Sci-Fi fantasy comic written by Chris Calzia with art by Dave Law. Published by Public Restroom Comics.

This is a standalone mini companion piece to volumes 1 and 2 of The Space Odditorium. The ‘70s psychedelic art style is what grabbed my attention to this comic, then the story hooked me! It’s pretty short but jumps right in without a lot of exposition. A member of a holographic family questions if free will exist or not as he contemplates how the last human can be used as a weapon against alien overlords.

The art is popping with bright colors, halftone dots, and unconventional compositions! This serves as a great introduction to The Space Odditorium series as it familiarizes the reader with the central character, setting, and showcases the impressive art!

Find The Space Odditorium at and find even more at and and and @cmcalzia

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Mr. Do 2

Mr. Do 2 is a 20-page, black and white, digest size comic created by Cameron Forsley, Beatnick, Christopher Holt, Mike Lutz, Macgillicutty, and Sarah Forsley. Published by Steady Ebb Comics.

Mr. Do ponders by a pond and takes a walk through the forest with a blacked-out butterfly. While walking he encounters a talking mask that ask a bunch of questions until a helping hand intervenes with a well-placed rock. A rat makes off with the mask and a demon takes an interest in Mr. Do! All this and Mr. Do’s Mushroom Forest, a flying severed finger (that may also be the blacked-out butterfly?), neat underground art, strange stories, and the ultimate question Pink Floyd asked us all! What more can you ask for?!

Find more from these folks on Instagram at @beatnick_art @cameronforsleyart @macgillicutty666 @misfit13888 @spat1011 and and  

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Steve Ogden Fanzine Collection on eBay

Some of you know fanzine publisher/collector Steve Ogden passed recently. Per his wishes, I’ve begun listing his massive collection which includes comic fanzines, sf fanzines, mini-comics, underground comix, comic books and more.

Here are the current auctions and there are many, many more on the way. Please add me as a favorite seller if you’d like to stay on top of the new listings.

BEYOND THE CLOCK #24 comic fanzine BUTCH GUICE Doug Hazlewood BATMAN 1980

BEYOND THE CLOCK #26 comic fanzine BUTCH GUICE Marshall Rogers O’CONNELL 1980

BLACK MYSTERY #1 comic fanzine STEVE SHIPLEY Alan Houston comics zine 1968


BLAST #2 comic fanzine HARLAND RONNING Charlie Chan sf fiction Canadian 1971

BLAST #3 comic fanzine STEFAN PETRUCHA Harland Ronning sf Canadian 1971

BLAST #4 comic fanzine STEFAN PETRUCHA Harland Ronning Canadian comics 1971

BEM #7 / WEIRD TRASH #3 British comic fanzine PAUL GRAVETT Bemusing UK zine 1975

BIMBO minicomic STEVE SKEATES small press mini-comic fanzine 1990s

BLACK STAR COMICS #1 fanzine RICK WEINGROFF illustrated fiction superhero 1963

BEST OF NIGHTMARE AND PSYCHO #2 horror comics FOX Hickman MOENCH Kanigher 1999

BIRD-BRAIN #1 comic fanzine RUSS FERRYMAN Larry Blake NORRIS + letters 1976

BLACKJACK #3 comic fanzine DICK GIORDANO Lar Walczak formerly Super Spy 1960s

STRIPS #4-5 NZ comix fanzine PAUL POWER Flexible Shaft BARRY LINTON Kiwi 1977


ARMAGEDDON #1 / CRYPT #2 comic fanzine HERNDON Gelb KURTZMAN DuBay KELEZ 1966

CBS JOURNAL #2 comic club fanzine Fantastic Four spoof Fort Worth Texas 1967

CBS JOURNAL #3 comic club fanzine TOWER COMICS Jim Steranko Texas 1967

CARTOONEWS #8 fanzine CHRISTMAS cards cartoons JACK KIRBY Denis Kitchen 1975

CANADA’S BEST #1 comic fanzine VINCE MARCHESANO Art Cooper CANADIAN zine 1969


BULLDOG #9 comic strips fanzine TOM MASON Steve Kristiansen TARZAN UFO zine 1976

BLAZING VIOLENCE #1 comic fanzine LARRY BLAMIRE Bill Devine ama-hero strip 1975

B.S…P.S. #1 comic fanzine CARL BARKS Disney RICH BUCKLER David McDonnell 1974

COFFINWORM #7 comic fanzine BEN KATCHOR Carl Gafford ROMERO Jones BPP 1971

COFFINWORM #9-10 comic fanzine BEN KATCHOR Arvell Jones CARL GAFFORD smut 1972

COLLECTOR #16 comic fanzine JIM STERANKO Neal Adams DON ROSA Wertham 1969

COLLECTOR #18 comic fanzine DON ROSA Alan Hanley ROMERO Fantucchio BLACK 1970

COLLECTOR #20 comic fanzine NEAL ADAMS Joe Kubert ROMITA Kane NEWTON Kline 1970

COLLECTOR #21 comic fanzine TOM SUTTON Don Rosa ROBERT KLINE Plastic Man 1970

COLLECTOR #22 comic fanzine GROTH Hanley FANTUCCHIO Newton BECK Romero 1971

ASH-WING #19 sf fanzine REED WALLER Stu Shiffman RANDALL LARSON zine 1976

ALPHA #13 sf fanzine JAN JANSEN Bob Shaw WILLIAM ROTSLER Atom Belgian zine 1956

ALPHA #15 sf fanzine JAN JANSEN Bill Harry WILLIAM ROTSLER Atom Belgian 1957

AGGIECON 18 program book ROWENA MORRILL Nick Smith BEN BOVA Kerry O’Quinn 1987

ALL MIMSY #5 fantasy fanzine 1st J.R.R. TOLKIEN fan fiction RUTH BERMAN 1959

ANKUS #6 sf fantasy fanzine BRUCE PELZ Bjo Trimble FAPA Justice Society 1962

ANKUS #11 sf fantasy fanzine BRUCE PELZ Walter Breen FAPA Hugo Awards zine 1964

APOLLO #7 sf fanzine ROBERT HEINLEIN Fabian GEIS Rotsler BLOCH Zelazny IS 1976

Thanks for looking!

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Palm Tree by Grant Thomas

Palm Tree is a 10-page, black and white, silent, folded mini comic written and illustrated by Grant Thomas.

Just in time for Easter, this little mini tells the story of a guy and a palm tree and makes reference to another guy known for having a connection to palms, among other things!

You can pick-up this little mini comic for just $1 at and find more from Grant Thomas at and on Twitter at

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Dodo Comics #5 by Grant Thomas

For Mini-Comic Monday it’s…Dodo Comics #5 a 20-page, black and white, digest size comic written and illustrated by Grant Thomas.

In this issue we’re introduced to a young Medusa and her sisters. We learn of a water shortage that plays a role in dividing Medusa’s surrounding community that is already separated by religions. Medusa soon meets a love interest and together the two work out a plan to provide water to all, in this first part of Medusa!

Grant rolls out an entertaining story that presents a known character in a new and interesting light. The art, layout, and pacing all come together to propel the story ahead and build anticipation. Medusa’s snakes make an appearance, but have not yet taken up residence on her head. Will this Medusa follow the same path as that of the Medusa of mythology, or will this tale twist in some other direction? Find out for yourself by grabbing a copy of Dodo Comics #5 for just $3 at and find more from Grant Thomas at and on Twitter at

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Ask a Cat Digest #11

For mini-comic Monday…it’s Ask a Cat Digest #11 a 12-page, digest size, Black and White, all-ages, humor comic written and illustrated by Charles Brubaker.

Charles’ comical cat invites readers to ask any questions that the furry feline can call on its whiskered wisdom to answer. In this installment the Cat explains such things as: the many methods you can use to send in your questions; favorite types of pasta; the wacky world of Japanese commercials; the mysterious elasticity of cats; the magic world inside of sofas; how to know someone’s really your friend; cat apps; diaries; knocking things over; and enemies and black holes!

You can Ask a Cat yourself at and even Ask a Cat via e-mail at and find more from Charles Brubaker at and and

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Break the Cake by David Robertson

Break the Cake is an 80-page, black and white/color, perfectly bound, digest size anthology written and illustrated by David Robertson with guest stories/artwork by Marc Casilli, Zu Dominiak, Olivia Hicks, Rebecca Horner, Védís Huldudóttir, Paddy Johnston, Tim Kelly, Francesca Mancuso, Norrie Millar, Neil Paterson, Ludi Price, Katie Quinn, Mike Sedakat, and Pam Wye. Published by Fred Egg Comics.

David Robertson never fails to serve up an assorted mix of stories when he releases a new comic and Break the Cake is no exception! This 80-page comic contains short stories about Star Wars, Star Trek, Jonathan Swift, a giant cow-eating cat, strange loves (baguettes, puffer fish, weird beings…), the space shuttle, horse people, Descartes’ candle, a flower with addictive personality, a Jurassic menu, an alien spaceman and giant werewolf, and even tales about comics and music! That’s a lot of stuff packed into one comic!

David and the guest artists keep things hopping by changing artists and styles every other story or so. This keeps the action moving and makes every story stand out on its own unique look as well as its subject matter. A great, diverse collection of stories and art that’ll keep you entertained from cover to cover! You can Break the Cake at and find more from Fred Egg Comics at and at and at