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March’s Monthly Mini-Comics: Steve Willis and Hal Mundane

The March minis are currently on their way to all subscription patrons. Hooray!

This month we’ve got:

Hal Mundane‘s Slow Death of a Pseudo-Intellectual (Wag Rag #5), underground comix about a creative type who overanalyzes and over-agonizes (nope, can’t relate to that, nope).

Steve WillisAs I Recall the ‘Sixties. Originally published in 1983, this mini calls out the remarkable similarities of two decades in American history.

The Monthly Mini-Comics are available by subscription through Patreon and by month at the Poopsheet Shop.

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Database Progress Update

Hi, everybody, just a quick note about the Mini-Comic and Fanzine Database. Since the last update we’ve added 142 new entries and updated another 171 (new data or photos). 29 of those are new fanzine entries by Dana Marie Andra.

One of the most recent additions (above) is Mutt #4 by Jim Conatser. One of these days I’ll manage to complete my Conatser collection. Great stuff.

The March mini-comic is almost wrapped up and will be mailed out soon!

You’ve seen the Database, right?

Source: Progress Update | Poopsheet Foundation on Patreon