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The Tower In The Sea by B. Mure

The Tower in the Sea is a 92-page, full color, digest size, fantasy comic written and illustrated by B. Mure Published by Avery Hill Publishing.

In The Tower in the Sea, we return to the world of Ismyre for another quiet and fantastical mystery tale set in an old world of ordinary magic. Off the coast of Ismyre, a group of illicit magicians have been gathering for years, schooling others in the ways of long-forgotten divinations. From high up in this forbidden home, a young scholar keeps dreaming visions of a terrible future and looks out across the ocean for answers…

B. Mure paints interesting characters and landscapes with pale watercolors to tell this story of mysticism and mystery. You can journey to The Tower in the Sea at and find more from B. Mure at  and more from Avery Hill Publishing at

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Goofy Funnies No. 9 by Dexter Cockburn

Goofy Funnies No. 9: Dexter Cockburn Underground Comix is a 32-page, black and white, color cover, digest size, ADULTS ONLY humor comic written and illustrated by Dexter Cockburn. Published by The Comix Company.

If you like ADULT COMIX, then you gotta check out Dexter Cockburn’ Goofy Funnies! In these pages you’ll find nothing but cleanly drawn, unabashed, adult fun! Dexter really displays his talents as an artist and storyteller! The comic starts off with the continuing saga Space Rats, as Spunky finds himself imprisoned with a sex-starved space mouse that wants to be set free, but has a stronger urge for something else! Then in a mostly silent story, Fudster gives a buxomy babe a pearl necklace! Later Pippa Creme goes on a date and finds herself doing a little under the table work! Next Junior Ranger Becky has to hide Bosco Bear when an unexpected visitor cums a knocking! And finally Fudster gets it up again when he and a voluptuous vixen fill the pages with all sorts of lubricious loveliness! 

You can enjoy the grown-up Goofy Funnies at and find more at

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Scumburbia by Sam Grinberg

Scumburbia #1 is a 40-page, digest size, black and white comic written and illustrated by Sam Grinberg.

In the pages of Scumburbia we meet a group of teens going through various stages of adolescents. Most of their activities revolve around high school and the changing relationships between friends, personal frustrations, and the isolation of youth. The main stories focus on a couple of younger punk kids trying to get to a local show, and a slightly older punk girl reflecting on the changes and challenges of growing up. Both stories are relatable as are the different characters that pop in and out of them.

The stories are entertaining and full of believable characters. The art is clean and makes great use of the black and white contrasts. The backgrounds are detailed and the characters are exaggerated just enough to keep some of the heavier tones underlying the stories from becoming too somber. Overall Sam slings the ink to paint a realistic setting of litter strewn hallways, dirty alleys, and filthy streets that make up this place called Scumburbia!

You can visit Scumburbia at and find more at and and and on Instagram at

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The Space Odditorium by Chris Calzia and Dave Law

The Space Odditorium is 12-page, full color, digest size, Sci-Fi fantasy comic written by Chris Calzia with art by Dave Law. Published by Public Restroom Comics.

This is a standalone mini companion piece to volumes 1 and 2 of The Space Odditorium. The ‘70s psychedelic art style is what grabbed my attention to this comic, then the story hooked me! It’s pretty short but jumps right in without a lot of exposition. A member of a holographic family questions if free will exist or not as he contemplates how the last human can be used as a weapon against alien overlords.

The art is popping with bright colors, halftone dots, and unconventional compositions! This serves as a great introduction to The Space Odditorium series as it familiarizes the reader with the central character, setting, and showcases the impressive art!

Find The Space Odditorium at and find even more at and and and @cmcalzia

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Horn Dog by Iotekted

Horn Dog (multiple issues) is a various page count, full size, black and white comic written and illustrated by Iotekted. Published by Puna Press.

In this series we meet Horn Dog, an average sausage that works next to a bar where he frequents and chats about life with the bartender. Plenty of other meats are regulars at the bar too and their comings and goings don’t go unnoticed by Horn Dog. The different customers help set the tone for each issue and drive the narrative of the stories which are peppered with sausage puns and relationship woes.

Iotekted keeps the art simple which helps to give more emphasis to the dialogue between the characters. The simple, yet very effective art, is drawn with a lot of attention to detail and composition. At first glance it gives the impression of an amateurish attempt at comic making, but once you begin to read it becomes clear that Iotekted is a skilled storyteller and talented artist that knows exactly what he is doing with his sausage!

Find more from Iotekted (Ted Washington) at and and more from Puna Press at

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Zombie Bunnies #1: The Queen’s Plan by Jim Hillin and Joey Karwal

Zombie Bunnies #1: The Queen’s Plan is a 22-page, full color, standard size comic created by Jim Hillin (writing, pencils, inks, and cover art) and Joey Karwal (colors). Published by Cypress Pictures.

In a shadow world that exist alongside the reality known and experienced by humans, a Zombie Bunnie kingdom is ruled by the kind and benevolent, Queen Bethesda, ruler and royal of the fair world.  She is assisted in all things pertaining to the throne by the Viceroy, keeper of all things Carrott. Together, they decide what to do with the human interlopers they steal through their closets at night! Typically, the human-types are funneled off to the Chamber of Sloth, where The Royal Masseuse will keep them blissfully asleep with his soft ears and bottle of warm sassafrass oil and a little Kenny G on the stereo. Unless a friend has a cold bucket of ice,  the stolen interlopers are staying asleep!

In this first issue of the Zombie Bunnies saga the queen dispatches three of her greatest “sneaks” to find “the Dreamer” that once visited the kingdom all on her own. Something no one had ever done before or since! Now, unaware of the Zombie Bunnies on her trail, “the Dreamer” is going about her normal life in the humans’ world. She works, plays, and spends time with her young niece and her niece’s friends as they all enjoy a sleepover. What could possibly go wrong?!

Get hopping with Zombie Bunnies at and find more at as the queen’s agents enter the human’s world through a magical portal in a house of one sound sleeper and three teenage girls ripe for adventure!

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Mimi and the Wolves by Alabaster Pizzo

Mimi and the Wolves is a 204-page, black and white, fantasy comic written and illustrated by Alabaster Pizzo. Published by Avery Hill Publishing.

In this tale from Alabaster Pizzo a young mouse girl named Mimi dreams of a magical goddess as she maneuvers through relationships with old friends and new acquaintances. As Mimi’s bond with her mate begins to fall apart, she starts a new friendship with a wolf. This leads Mimi into an exciting world she’s never experienced before and also into other associations with wolves that her non-wolf friends are leery of. However, free of her mate and growing ever more comfortable in the company of wolves, Mimi explores her new found independence and the ways of wolves!

Alabaster Pizzo presents a mystical tale of friendships, connections, and the complex dynamics between domestic and wild anthropomorphic characters living among each other in cities and forests. The story explores the intricate dance between different personalities as they each attempt to achieve their own, often hidden, motives with the innocent main character, Mimi, at the center of it all.

You can join Mimi and the Wolves at and find more from the stories creator Alabaster Pizzo at

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Arsenic Lullaby by Douglas Paszkiewicz

Arsenic  Lullaby

Arsenic Lullaby is a 32-page, digest sized, black and white, dark humor anthology, Comic-Con exclusive sketch variant written and illustrated by Douglas Paszkiewicz. Published by A.L. Publishing.

Okay, as mentioned above this comic is a Comic-Con exclusive sketch variant. I guess that means you might not be able to purchase this exact version of the comic, but you can get plenty of Arsenic Lullaby humor featuring all of the same characters through the website. With all of that said, let’s jump into this witty, weird world!

Douglas kicks this comic off with a couple of one-pagers that quickly hint at the dark witticism that underlies the entire thing, such as Cthulhu consulting the local media in a desperate effort to spread panic! In addition to Lovecraft’s Great Old One, Douglas also manages to weave the droll and dark into entertainingly pieces featuring stillborn baby dolls, aliens, loser vampires, Pinocchio, and Baron Von Donut! This guy really can spin a funny yarn around unexpected things, and his clean, polished rendering style is a real visual feast!

Like I said, you might not be able to find this specific version of Arsenic Lullaby, but you can find lots of other great stuff by Douglas Paszkiewicz, including other Arsenic Lullaby comics at

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John Orlando’s Comix and Stories #0 by John Orlando

John Orlando’s Comix and Stories is a 48-page, black and white, digest size, perfect bound anthology written and illustrated by John Orlando. Published by Hippy Comix.

John loads up his Comix and Stories with highly detailed and dynamic art, full of neat and exaggerated characters! The art alone makes this comic a great page flipper, but John delivers even more entertainment with a wide variety of stories! He starts us out with some strange tales from his autobiographic “My Paranormal Life!” In these stories John hears voices, develops an odd relationship with fire, fights off bugs, and encounters something weird in the kitchen! Later John gets some relief from the spooky business that has enveloped his life from a mysterious lady with unusual abilities! Then, traveling back in time, we find the namesake of this comix and his friend Troy receiving the word of god from the kicking end of a boot. Not content with letting the assailant get off scot-free, the two plot revenge! Next up we’re treated to a little horror story about a considerate corpse concerned with feeding his worms, then some short pieces about time, shit, breast feeding and even some spotlighted underground comix from Hippy Comix!

Find John Orlando’s Comix and Stories at and more at and

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The Seas

The Seas is a 49-page, A5, landscape, color anthology with an aquatic theme. Created by Ian Miller, Dave Crane, Mister Zinester, Gareth Hopkins, Iestyn Pettigrew, Miranda Smart, Sophie Ell, Vacuum Books, Jaime Nyx, Motobus, and Simon Russell and published by Body Parts.

Ride the waves of The Seas with an eclectic group of creators as they chart a course of self-exploration and navigate their way through mysterious waters with the use of words and images! Each story in this collection is a unique piece completely different from the next. The only commonality is the individual voice that resonates like a flowing stream, running through the pages and emptying into The Seas! The narrative styles and artwork are truly original and combine to form imaginative compositions that reveal personal stories and splendid art unlike anything you’re likely to find elsewhere!

Set sail for The Seas at and find more at and and find more from the creators of The Seas at: