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Secret Santas by Ben Grisanti, Lukasz Kowalczuk, and Lukasz Mazur. Published by Hypnotic Dog Comics

Secret Santas is a 28-page, full color, Holiday Horror comic written by Ben Grisanti with pencils, inks and additional colors by Lukasz Kowalczuk, and colors and lettering by Lukasz Mazur. Published by Hypnotic Dog Comics.


A bloody handed man tells a tale about holiday shopping and the extreme lengths some will go to get that prized gift. In the case of an ordinary guy named Geoff the gift is a video game for his girlfriend’s demanding son. Going in it seems like a simple task, but Geoff soon finds himself caught in an underground web of wickedness. Secret societies, criminal activities, and base depravities are all woven through this tapestry of immoral turpitude!


Ben Grisanti along with Lukasz Kowalczuk and Lukasz Mazur deliver a darkly entertaining story full of weird situations and anything but conventional characters! The originality of the story is flawlessly matched by the bright and exaggerated art that pops with an underground aesthetic that glues your eyeballs to the page!


You can enjoy this outrageous comic by joining the Kickstarter Campaign at and find more from Hypnotic Dog Comics at

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Review: Polybius Dreams by Ben Grisanti, Keith Grachow, and Ester Salguero

Polybius Dreams is a 40-page, full color, suspense/horror comic written by Ben Grisanti, illustrated by Keith Grachow, and colored by Ester Salguero, with pin-ups by Kelly Williams, Shawn Daley, and Jordan Kroeger. Published by Hypnotic Dog Comics.

Travel back to the ‘80s and return to the time of arcades in Polybius Dreams! In this four-part series we start off meeting three friends, Patrick, Michael, and Paul that escape the bullying at school through the excitement of blinking lights and ringing bells at the local arcade. All seems normal until one day when a new game arrives. Polybius Dreams. Once the game is up and running every kid in town wants to play, but playing appears to somehow change the kids, making them more violent, more sinister! But what effect will the mysterious game have on Patrick, Michael, and Paul?!

The writing does a great job of introducing the main characters and setting the small town, 1980s scene. The dialogue between the characters flows smoothly and reads like natural conversations. The plot slowly reveals itself without feeling forced or rushed. And the cliffhanger ending of this first chapter leaves you wanting more! The art is full of different body types, expressive faces, and individual personal features that distinguish each character. A lot of attention has also gone into the backgrounds filling them with subtle details that give each scene a sense of realism and weight that grounds the story in the real world. The coloring of the comic is skillfully applied and treats lighting and shadows with a masterful touch! The bonus pin-ups at the end of the comic are a real treat too!

Head down to the arcade and experience Polybius Dreams for yourself at and find more from Hypnotic Dog Comics at