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Mail Bag: YOU DON’T GET THERE FROM HERE #46 & 47 by Carrie McNinch

Carrie McNinch / Etsy

It’s hard to believe Carrie’s been doing these diary comics for nearly 50 issues! Pretty impressive, I’d say. #47 is the first part of a trip to Japan with this issue’s focus on Nagoya, where she sees lots of bare butts and gets to ring the penis bell. What a life!

You Don’t Get There from Here at the Mini-Comic and Fanzine Database (woefully incomplete).

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Mail Bag: FOREVER AND EVERYTHING #2 by Kyle Bravo

Kyle Bravo / Hot Iron Press

This is a nice collection of “partially true stories” by Kyle. Fun, somewhat stream-of-consciousness autobio stories about family life, travel, making art and the world at large. Nicely printed and with a two-color Risograph cover.

Forever and Everything #2 at the Mini-Comic and Fanzine Database.

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Nyx on George Rex’s Oh Brother!  autism comic

Nyx at Sea Green Zines takes a look at George Rex’s Oh Brother! Some Stories About Growing Up With a Brother With Autism.

Oh Brother! is an A5 full colour zine collection of comics about growing up with a brother with autism – and it includes drafts and background material for the upcoming book.

I hardly know where to get started with this zine. I really love George Rex’s art, and that George would open up about what is very likely a somewhat sensitive part of their life in this way leaves me feeling honoured for a glimpse of a life perspective I would not otherwise get.

Read More: Zine Review: Oh Brother! Some Stories About Growing Up With a Brother With Autism – Sea Green Zines

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Not My Small Diary by Delaine Derry Green with cover art by John Porcellino

Not My Small Diary

Not My Small Diary #19 (Unexplained Events) and is a 104-page, B&W anthology edited by Delaine Derry Green with cover art by John Porcellino and illustrated contributions from 43 artists!

What a great collection of spooky and weird stories all artfully illustrated by a bunch of talented people! Now, I’ll state this right up front, I am a huge skeptic of anything supernatural. I love scary stories, horror movies, and a good fright, but I just can’t bring myself to believe in anything that seemingly violates the laws of nature. However, with that said, I did thoroughly enjoy Not My Small Diary #19 (Unexplained Events)! The stories cover all sorts of strange occurrences from mysterious sounds, to doors opening by themselves, to actual sightings of unexplained things! The great variety of topics (aliens, ghosts, curses, and more) and illustration styles make this a fun read no matter what you personally think about the subject of “unexplained events.”

The contributors to this issue are really a who’s who of the small press comics world too. Gracing the pages of Not My Small Diary #19 are: Carrie McNinch, Peter Conrad, Noel Franklin, David Lasky, Jason Martin, Kelly Froh, Jenny Zervakis, Donna Barr, Max Clotfelter, Andrew Goldfarb, Colleen Frakes, Mark Campos, Rob Kirby, Ben Horak, Joe Decie, Asher Craw, Missy Kulik, Misun Oh, Rachel Scheer, Simon Mackie, Charles Brubaker, Graeme McNee, George Erling, Elmore Buzzizyk, Chad Woody, Brad Foster, Lee J. Green, Jason Young, Liz Prince, J.T. Yost, Andrew Willmore, Jim Siergey, Patty Leidy, Pete Wentzell, James Burns, Fafá Jaepelt, John Porcellino, Micah Liesenfeld, MariNaomi, Kevin Van Hyning, Roberta Gregory, Mike Kraiger, and Adam Pasion! All this talent bundled together in over 100 pages of weird, bizarre, and strange stories is almost too good to be believed!

You can venture into Not My Small Diary #19 (Unexplained Events) at and and find more from Delaine Derry Green at and and follow her on Twitter at @HumanPanther

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Mooz Boosh by Sam Spina

Mooz Boosh

Mooz Boosh is an 84-page, B&W diary comic with color covers written and illustrated by Sam Spina. Published by Kilgore Books.

At the end of his twenty’s Sam documents his final year before crossing the thirty-something threshold in this collection of diary comics! Between the daily entries Sam also slips in a few sketch pages here and there that were also created during his farewell to youth testimonial. As the pages turn we learn Sam spent his year helping out kids, saving cats from gravity, spending time with the in-laws, and working at Cartoon Network. In addition to those things Sam spent a lot of time drinking beer, listening to metal, playing video games, and even touching dogs in the snow and making little girls pee! Somehow through it all Sam managed to keep his wife Samantha by his side, which was a smart move on his part because she’s the one that knows how to pay the bills.

Each page of Mooz Boosh is filled with wit and cartoony renderings that are certain to tickle your funny bone and make you feel all warm and squishy inside! You can find Mooz Boosh at and find more from Kilgore Books at and more from Sam Spina at and on Twitter at @Spinadoodles