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Review: Scrimshaw #3 by Eric Borden, Dave Mims, and Spike O’Laochdha

Scrimshaw #3 is a 32-page, full color, action adventure comic created and written by Eric Borden, with art and colors by Dave Mims, and lettering by Spike O’Laochdha. Published by Alterna Comics & printed on newsprint.

Cornered in a dangerous Chinatown alley, Taipuitea is forced to unleash one of the most brutal beatdowns in all of comics! With assassins at every turn, can the crew of the Runaway Horse get out in one piece?

Distinctive line work with sharp edges gives this comic a unique look that pulls the eye in and invites the reader to scrutinize every panel in detail! The continuous line is used with great effect to give each character an individual appearance and pack subtle detail into backgrounds and settings. The skillful use of color, light, and shadow all enhance the aesthetic appeal of Scrimshaw by giving the comic a warm and inviting feel that holds the reader’s attention from beginning to end!

You can indulge in the action packed, visually stunning adventure of Scrimshaw at and find more from Alterna Comics at

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Amazing Age #3 of 5 from Alterna Comics

Amazing Age #3 of 5 is a 28-page, full color, all-ages, superhero action, comic written by Matthew D. Smith, with art by Jeremy Massie, and colors by Christine Brunson. Published by Alterna Comics.

Three average kids find themselves transported to a world where they are the superheroes one of them created in a homemade comic book. Now they must learn to hone their powers with help from a group of real heroes in their new world, and prepare to battle super villains! The action continues to build as Amazing Age crosses the halfway mark in this five-issue limited series!

The writing straightforwardly introduces the reader to the characters in this new world and explains the adversity that the three world-jumping kids now find themselves in. The art merges cartoonish realism with superhero fantasy to give the comic an appealing, old-school, silver-age look the really captures the drama and keeps the action moving seamlessly!

Experience the Amazing Age for yourself at and follow them on Twitter at @amazingagecomic and on FB at and find more from Alterna Comics at


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Unit 44 by by Wes Locher and Eduardo Jiménez

Unit 44 is a 100+page, Sci-Fi, action/humor graphic novel with story and letters by Wes Locher and illustrations and colors by Eduardo Jiménez. Published by Alterna Comics.

In this 100+page comedic tale a couple of inept agents working for a secret organization forget to pay rent on a storage unit that houses alien technology. Soon competing forces race to grab the tech for their own nefarious purposes while the agents attempt to redeem themselves by getting to it first! What follows is a humor filled, action packed, race to stop an alien invasion! Rednecks, scientists, secret agents, and little blue men all converge in this funny comic, and we finally learn what really happened at Roswell, NM!

The writing in this comic is full of tongue-in-cheek references and subtle one liners that build on the characters’ personalities and complement the absurdity of the various situations the characters find themselves in. Between the jokes and gags is a solid, funny story that’s well paced from beginning to end! The art also takes a humorous slant by exaggerating character features and movements, and dropping in a few sight gags too!

Explore what can be found inside Unit 44 at and find more from Alterna Comics at


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Lilith Dark #3 by Charles C. Dowd

Lilith Dark #3 is an all-ages, fantasy adventure, full color, 24-page, four-issue limited series written and illustrated by Charles C. Dowd. Published by Alterna Comics.

After following a kitten into an old tree, Lilith Dark finds herself in a strange underground world of beasties, spiders, and other strange creatures! Armed and aided by her odd sidekick, Lilith is ready to whomp some beastie butt, but her brother and big sister have other ideas. Can Lilith and her siblings escape the creepy creatures in this strange subterranean realm? Or will Lilith have to take matters into her capable hands and defeat the dastardly adversaries on her own?!

Charles C. Dowd delivers a fun, action filled comic with a great leading character! Lilith Dark is a tough, fearless little girl up for anything that comes her way. The perfect strong lead for any adventure story! She is written and illustrated as a believable little girl full of wonder and an active imagination. The supporting characters all lend complementary perspectives on the situations Lilith faces that help ground Lilith firmly in her fantastic world while also reinforcing the child like qualities that make Lilith Dark such an enjoyable character and fun comic!

Join Lilith Dark on her adventures at and find more at