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Review: Mother Russia #3 of 3 by Jeff McComsey

Mother Russia #3 of 3 is a 36-page B&W, action-horror comic written and illustrated by Jeff McComsey. Published by Alterna Comics and FUBAR Press.

The unlikely duo of a female Russian sniper caring for an orphaned toddler, and a German Army Officer along with his dog, work together to cross a war torn landscape infested with zombies! The two former enemies must trust and rely on each other to evade the undead and make their way to safety. But, in their last dash to escape death, not all goes as planned as the limited Mother Russia series comes to a dramatic end!

Jeff McComsey concludes his WWII wartime zombie saga with an action packed issue! The writing and art once again cast a captivating spell that draws the reader in and thoroughly entertains! This entire three-issue series has proven to be an original, well written, and expertly rendered story! Jeff’s focus on the humans, their individual struggles, and the dire situation that requires them to work together really makes Mother Russia a gripping tale that’s enjoyable from beginning to end!

You can run with the zombies with Mother Russia at and

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Review: Meeting Notes by Steve Willis

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes is an 8-page, B&W, minicomic featuring sketches by Steve Willis. Published by Rick Bradford and the Poopsheet Foundation.

According to the redacted text in this mini, the featured sketches were all done during meetings in which Steve wasn’t fully attentive! All the better for us! Steve “Morty the Dog” Willis serves up some funny, interesting, and downright strange doodles in Meeting Notes!

You can get Meeting Notes and many other minicomics at and support the Poopsheet at and find more at and

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Review: WAG RAG #1 by Jim Siergey, Brian Horst, Roger Langridge, Billy McKay, and Caesar Meadows

Wag Rag

Wag Rag #1 is an 8-page, B&W, minicomics anthology featuring works by Jim Siergey, Brian Horst, Roger Langridge, Billy McKay, and Caesar Meadows. Published by Rick Bradford and the Poopsheet Foundation.

This mini packs a lot of fun into eight pages! The lineup of artists alone is enough to make most fans of mini comics stop and take notice, but once you get a gander of the clean, polished art inside, you’re hooked!

You can get Wag Rag and many other minicomics at and support the Poopsheet at and find more at and

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Review: Scrimshaw #3 by Eric Borden, Dave Mims, and Spike O’Laochdha

Scrimshaw #3 is a 32-page, full color, action adventure comic created and written by Eric Borden, with art and colors by Dave Mims, and lettering by Spike O’Laochdha. Published by Alterna Comics & printed on newsprint.

Cornered in a dangerous Chinatown alley, Taipuitea is forced to unleash one of the most brutal beatdowns in all of comics! With assassins at every turn, can the crew of the Runaway Horse get out in one piece?

Distinctive line work with sharp edges gives this comic a unique look that pulls the eye in and invites the reader to scrutinize every panel in detail! The continuous line is used with great effect to give each character an individual appearance and pack subtle detail into backgrounds and settings. The skillful use of color, light, and shadow all enhance the aesthetic appeal of Scrimshaw by giving the comic a warm and inviting feel that holds the reader’s attention from beginning to end!

You can indulge in the action packed, visually stunning adventure of Scrimshaw at and find more from Alterna Comics at

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Review: Sick in the Head by Alexander Gustafsson


Sick in the Head is an 80-page, B&W, humor horror comic for mature readers written and illustrated by Alexander Gustafsson.

A film producer past his prime and his gun toting nephew find themselves up against the supernatural when their latest lesbian vampire flick takes a turn for the weird! While filming and arguing with an apprehensive actress, an unexpected fanged fiend crashes the set with a hunched backed henchman and undead killer in tow! Soon the line between the real and celluloid worlds blurs as mayhem ensues, big breasted vampires get poked with wood, and body parts began to fly! This ain’t your normal horror movie comic spoof, this is Sick in the Head!

Alexander does a great job of making fun of traditional horror movie tropes while telling an original story loaded with giggle worthy gore and brutal bustle! The story takes some really unexpected turns that gives Sick in the Head a fresh and marked departure from many other comics that fall into predictable territory. Everything from the underlining concept driving the plot to the cartoonish art come off as crisp and different. This is a fun and silly story for grownups!

You can get Sick in the Head at and find more sickness at

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Review: Copy This! #43 by D. Blake Werts

Copy This! #43. This issue is a 28-page, B&W info/news mini comic zine published by D. Blake Werts. Cover by Cameron Forsley. Also includes an 8-page minicomic by Andy Nukes!

In this issue Joseph Tenney interviews San Francisco based indie artist Cameron Forsley. The two discuss Cameron’s connection to the Mission Mini Comix crew, his early discovery of his inner artist, developing his unique style, growing up, influences and inspirations, tattoos and tattooing, and making time for making comics! In addition to the interview are several images of Cameron’s highly detailed ink work!

Closing out this issues of Copy This! is the community news and info section that update us on the current offerings from:

Andrew Goldfarb (Bucket O’ Leeches, Triumph of the Trolls); Bob Corby (Oh, Crap! Not A Clue? Mini Comics); Charles Brubaker (The Ghost Cat); Jacob Alvarez (Chinatown Bus); Joseph Tenney (Squad Car (the APA)); Mission Mini Comix (If it Quacks Like a Fascist, Fentanyl); Poopsheet Foundation/Rick Bradford (Wag War, Poopsheet?); and Scott Davis (Minis, Digest, Etc.: An Iterative Reference Guide).

Blake is planning an all new ALL ART issue for January 2018! If you want to be included you need to send Blake your doodles by December 32st, and remember to keep it PG-13!

To get your hands on Copy This! and for more info contact:

D. Blake Werts
12339 Chesley Drive
Charlotte, NC 28277
or email Blake at: bwerts (at) vnet (dot) net

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Review: Polybius Dreams by Ben Grisanti, Keith Grachow, and Ester Salguero

Polybius Dreams is a 40-page, full color, suspense/horror comic written by Ben Grisanti, illustrated by Keith Grachow, and colored by Ester Salguero, with pin-ups by Kelly Williams, Shawn Daley, and Jordan Kroeger. Published by Hypnotic Dog Comics.

Travel back to the ‘80s and return to the time of arcades in Polybius Dreams! In this four-part series we start off meeting three friends, Patrick, Michael, and Paul that escape the bullying at school through the excitement of blinking lights and ringing bells at the local arcade. All seems normal until one day when a new game arrives. Polybius Dreams. Once the game is up and running every kid in town wants to play, but playing appears to somehow change the kids, making them more violent, more sinister! But what effect will the mysterious game have on Patrick, Michael, and Paul?!

The writing does a great job of introducing the main characters and setting the small town, 1980s scene. The dialogue between the characters flows smoothly and reads like natural conversations. The plot slowly reveals itself without feeling forced or rushed. And the cliffhanger ending of this first chapter leaves you wanting more! The art is full of different body types, expressive faces, and individual personal features that distinguish each character. A lot of attention has also gone into the backgrounds filling them with subtle details that give each scene a sense of realism and weight that grounds the story in the real world. The coloring of the comic is skillfully applied and treats lighting and shadows with a masterful touch! The bonus pin-ups at the end of the comic are a real treat too!

Head down to the arcade and experience Polybius Dreams for yourself at and find more from Hypnotic Dog Comics at

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Review: White Cell Inoculation Chapter 4: The Verge

White Cell Inoculation Chapter 4: The Verge is a 28-page, full color, futuristic mystery comic written and illustrated by Nicholas Melanshek.

In an apocalyptic future humanity has been pushed beyond its limits of sustainability, but a team of scientists are on the verge of a breakthrough that may just lead to immortality! Set against this backdrop, two sides battle to control the future and what’s left of civilization! As events unfold one agent finds himself pulled from the field and back to higher headquarters, only to be thrust suddenly into the middle of a surprise attack and the abduction of a very valuable asset!

Nick’s futuristic drama continues to deliver the excitement and intrigue in this fourth chapter of White Cell Inoculation! As always Nick pens entertaining and surprising action that moves the story in new directions with interesting twists. Nick also keeps up the inventive art style that gives the overall series a look that’s all its own. His skillful use of a limited color palette really brings a whole new and dynamic look to the pages that serve as the perfect complement to this spirited story!

Journey into the future with White Cell Inoculation at and find more at


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Ismyre by B. Mure

Ismyre is a mystery/fantasy, all ages, 72-page, full color comic written and illustrated by B. Mure. Published by Avery Hill. Release date: 7th October 2017 (Bristol Comic and Zine Fair).

Ismyre tells the story of a lonely animal person sculptor living in a city full of other animal people. Some of the people have magical powers, some do not. The main character agonizes over a big project he has been commissioned to do for the city and while trying to work out the details meets a woman with strange powers. Meanwhile the Prime Minister seems to only be concerned about appearances while eco anarchists are setting off explosions of flora, tough kids are roaming the streets, and people are going missing!

The writing unfolds smoothly ensuring the story is easy to follow and maintains a steady pace as the plot becomes more complicated. The main character, Edward, is quickly established as a somewhat lonely and detached guy, while other characters are introduced to more clearly define Edward’s world and bring the reader effortlessly into this fantastical land! The artwork is composed of simple line drawings filled with bright contrasting cool and warm watercolors. The combination of colors, line work, and brushstrokes give Ismyre a busy look that fits in perfectly with the story and city setting!

Find Ismyre at the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair and online at and find more from B. Mure at


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Amazing Age #3 of 5 from Alterna Comics

Amazing Age #3 of 5 is a 28-page, full color, all-ages, superhero action, comic written by Matthew D. Smith, with art by Jeremy Massie, and colors by Christine Brunson. Published by Alterna Comics.

Three average kids find themselves transported to a world where they are the superheroes one of them created in a homemade comic book. Now they must learn to hone their powers with help from a group of real heroes in their new world, and prepare to battle super villains! The action continues to build as Amazing Age crosses the halfway mark in this five-issue limited series!

The writing straightforwardly introduces the reader to the characters in this new world and explains the adversity that the three world-jumping kids now find themselves in. The art merges cartoonish realism with superhero fantasy to give the comic an appealing, old-school, silver-age look the really captures the drama and keeps the action moving seamlessly!

Experience the Amazing Age for yourself at and follow them on Twitter at @amazingagecomic and on FB at and find more from Alterna Comics at