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The XII #1 of 5 by Patrick Trahey, Luis Suarez, and Magnus


The XII #1 of 5 is a 40-page, full color, apocalyptic survival comic created and written by Patrick Trahey with art by Luis Suarez and lettering by Magnus. Published by Alterna Comics.

An extended family struggling to survive face the hard reality that the resources of the land can no longer support them. To make matters worse, they also must contend with armed rivals that threaten to raid their dwindling supplies and possibly do bodily harm to members of the family. The only apparent solution is an uncertain and perilous journey across the Dead Roads!

The creative team on The XII paint a bleak picture of a parallel world where people band together in small groups for survival and compete with one another for the precious resources needed to sustain life. Then, to make things even more direr, they introduce a mysterious, faceless group of marauders known as “The Twelve” that prey on those brave or foolish enough to wander from their compounds.

The writing captures the imagination from the very beginning and takes the reader on a suspense filled ride while the art embodies the suffering and desperation of the characters. Take your chances and try to cross the wastelands of The XII at and find more from Alterna Comics at and and on Twitter @ALTERNACOMICS

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The Wicked Righteous #4 of 6 by Terry Mayo, Lucas Romero, Chris Hall, and Brandon DeStefano

The Wicked Righteous #4 of 6 is a 32-page, full color, apocalyptic survival comic written by Terry Mayo with art by Lucas Romero and Chris Hall, and lettering by Brandon DeStefano. Published by Alterna Comics.

Lucas and JC break away from the pack and find some alone time while Berg and Cross make their way back to The Ballpark. Meanwhile JC’s father will use any means necessary to find his daughter, and Lucas has a premonition of bad things to come!

The creative crew responsible for The Wicked Righteous continue to take readers on a high energy, action packed ride full of interesting characters and unsettling situations! The writing remains focused and easy to follow while building anticipation and delivering the unexpected. The art, lettering, and page compositions work great at maintaining the pace of the story and bringing the action to life in a colorful and polished style that’s eye-catching and inviting of closer study!

Join The Wicked Righteous at and find more from Alterna Comics at

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Copy This! #48 by D. Blake Werts with Michael Neno and Verl Holt Bond

For Mini-Comic Monday it’s…Copy This! #48. Copy This! #48 is a 40-page, B&W mini comic info zine published by D. Blake Werts! Cover by Verl Holt Bond!

In this issue of Copy This! D. Blake Werts turns the reins over to Michael Neno as he sits down with Verl Holt Bond to dig into some interesting biographical background info! First Michael re-visits a 1992 interview he did with Verl, then he jumps forward and serves up a recent interview. Between the two interviews Michael and Verl discuss when Verl first began drawing, influences and inspirations, E.C. Comics, minicomics, the small press, music, teaching, fine art, projects since the first interview and current projects, the demise of review zines (miss you Factsheet5), and mental illness. Michael concludes the interview with Verl’s contact info so you can correspond with him and get your hands on some Verl Holt Bond comics!

Next, in the community news and info section, we’re treated to offerings from: Carrie McNinch (You Don’t Get There From Here); Ian Shires (Time Trvlr); Dale Martin (Watusi’s Doghouse Funhouse); George Erling (Cartoon Loonacy); Jacob Alvarez (HypnoSpiral Comics Book Reporter); Matt Jones (Silas, Intergalactic Stoner Slug); Lara (Dandelion Daydream); Scott Davis (Minis, Digest, Etc.); and Richard Krauss (The Digest Enthusiast).

To get your hands on Copy This! and for more info contact:

D. Blake Werts
12339 Chesley Drive
Charlotte, NC 28277
or email Blake at: bwerts (at) vnet (dot) net

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Alter-Life #s 1-5 by Caleb Thusat and Katrina Kunstmann

Alter-Life #s 1-5 are a series of full-color, science fiction adventure comics written and created by Caleb Thusat with art by Katrina Kunstmann. Published by Village Comics.

Following an accident that killed his wife and daughter, Jake discovers he cannot die. He can be killed, but he always awakes to find himself in some sort of alternate life. Throughout his numerous dying and resurrections, Jake continues to search for his lost family. Unfortunately the ordeal only seems to bring him closer to his personal demons and regrets while leaving him to question the very essence of existence.

But all is not what Jake perceives it to be. In fact there is a much grander force at work behind the scenes! Will Jake ever escape his many worlds and find the family he thinks he has lost? Who or what is pulling the strings that continue to tangle Jake’s life and why? The answers are revealed across the first four issues of Alter-life!

Support Alter-Life at and find more Alter-Life and Village Comics at and and follow Caleb Thusat on Twitter @calebthusat

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Sonitus #1: Floor One of Three by Cody Sousa, Dan Sheppard, Cecilia Lo Valvo, Dee Cunniffe, and Dezi Sienty

Sonitus #1: Floor One of Three and is a 32-page, B&W, limited horror series written by Cody Sousa, Dan Sheppard with art by Cecilia Lo Valvo, Dee Cunniffe, and letters by Dezi Sienty. Published by Alterna Comics.

A young man led by voices returns to his hometown. Once there he sets out to explore an old dilapidated house that he and his friends had frequently visited. In the decrepit house a mysterious force takes hold of the young man forcing him to face his past…and his greatest fears!

The writing sets the stage for unexpected twists and unforeseen frights. The art cloaks the house in long shadows and fills the rooms and hallways with foreboding darkness! Together the art and story effectively lay the groundwork for an intriguing and frightening mini-series!

You can visit Sonitus at and and on Twitter @SONITUScomic and find more from Alterna Comics at

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The Man in the Gutter: The Collection by Dimitris Zach

The Man in the Gutter: The Collection is a 24-page, black and white, written and illustrated by Dimitris Zach. Published by Deadhead Comics.

Declan finds himself caught somewhere between being a cartoonist and a cartoonist’s character. In the strange in-between place Declan struggles with what he is to become – the son, the light, the hero, or The Man in the Gutter?!

Dimitris spins an entertaining tale that takes the reader through the fragmented reality of a fragile character. The leaps across the character’s changing worlds keeps the story moving in unanticipated directions with interesting twists and rewarding payoffs! Dimitris’ art perfectly captures the disjointed psyche of the character Declan with bold lines and great drama framed by the balance of black and white spaces! You can join The Man in the Gutter at

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Thonger Dongers #3 by J.T. Yost

Thonger Donger #3

Thonger Dongers #3 is a 36-page, Black and White, anthology written mostly by J.T. Yost and illustrated by him too! Published by Birdcage Bottom Books.

In this third edition of Thonger Dongers J.T. Yost gives readers an eclectic collection of comics that touch on a range of subjects. Cat lovers will find urinating felines providing companionship to the lovelorn. Small bladder sufferers will relate to the dreams of a purple bed wetter. For those with a penchant for the darker side of life there’s a story about hitting rock bottom, and for those that like things a little gross there’s a story about accidently drinking unsavory substances. All this plus an imposter dog!

J.T.’s art and storytelling abilities are always a winning combination. He manages to spin the embarrassing, the sad, and the outlandish all into an enjoyable and moving piece of sequential art. You can delve into this collection of true stories about hitting rock-bottom, extreme embarrassment, and mysterious occurrences and support Birdcage Bottom Books and get Thonger Donger #3 at and get a glimpse of the book at and find more from Birdcage Bottom Books at

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In The Future We Are Dead by Eva Müller. Published by Birdcage Bottom Books

In the Future We Are Dead

In the Future We Are Dead is a 160-page, perfect-bound comic with full-color covers and interior written and illustrated by Eva Müller. Published by Birdcage Bottom Books.

This is the story of Eva’s journey through life from early childhood to old age. Through a string of short stories she explores her courtship with death. Early on Eva has an experience that leaves her with the realization life is finite. From this a close and personal relationship with death develops and a lifelong dance with the idea of loss follows.

As a young girl Eva is indoctrinated into Catholicism and drawn to the death and suffering that is such an important part of the faith. Later, as she matures, she discovers the benefits of yoga, but once again finds it too is connected to death through its corpse pose. At every turn of life Eva seems to focus on the shadow of death that falls over her path, always attracted by morbid curiosity to the fragility of life and what it means to be mortal. Her passage through life recounts growing up in a household with a younger brother and arguing parents. As she and her brother grow apart and their parents fighting escalates, Eva eventually leaves home. On her own Eva continues to encounter death through others she meets until death itself reunites her with her estranged brother.

In, In the Future We Are Dead, Eva’s fascination with death goes well beyond the natural acceptance of one’s own mortality and begins to take on the dynamics of a struggle. She and death wrestle as Eva doesn’t want to leave the party but death consistently tightens its grip and pulls her toward the door with reminders the party must end.

You can pre-order In the Future We Are Dead and support Birdcage Bottom Books’ Kickstarter Campaign at and find more from Eva Müller at and and more from Birdcage Bottom Books at

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Goat Song by Larkin Ford

Goat Song

Goat Song is a B&W comic by Larkin Ford. Published by Birdcage Bottom Books.

I was fortunate enough to get an early glimpse at Larkin Ford’s very original Goat Song and I must say, this is one weird comic! It starts with an older man developing a nasty spot on his leg that won’t get better. Eventually, after home remedies fail and he receives some encouragement, the man goes to the doctor. What follows is a strange twist that promises to take the man and those he cares about on a most unusual journey!

The artwork is absolutely awesome! The characters are drawn like real people with physical flaws and bodies in need of exercise. Backgrounds are all realistic with plenty of clutter strewn about in untidy rooms. And one panel in particular of a skinned animal being gutted and its entrails tossed aside, well it captures a realism that’s rarely found in comics!

You can get your hands dirty with Goat Song and others by supporting the Birdcage Bottom Books 2018 comics’ publications at their Kickstarter Campaign at and find more from Larkin Ford at and more from Birdcage Bottom Books at

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A Lone Deer at the End of the World by D. Bradford Gambles

A Lone Deer at the End of the World

A Lone Deer at the End of the World is a 28-page, full color, mostly silent comic written and illustrated by D. Bradford Gambles. Published by Birdcage Bottom Books.

D. Bradford Gambles beautifully illustrates a world devoid of humans as seen through the eyes of a deer. As the deer explores its world it wanders into an abandoned shopping mall where the remnants of humanity are still visible. As the deer passes through the shops and walkways we’re treated to the faded visages of a superficial culture that, with all of its technologies and comforts, was unable to survive.

D. Bradford Gambles subtle method of showing us the end of the world through the eyes of a silent animal is a powerful and effective storytelling technique. With very little text, exquisite art, and a great eye for composition and design, A Lone Deer at the End of the World delivers a moving and enjoyable read that will stay with you long after you finish the book!

You can help get this comic and others printed at and find more from D. Bradford Gambles at and more from Birdcage Bottom Books at