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Paper Rocket 2018 Spring Line

I’ll be publishing two titles in April, just in time for MoCCA Fest. You can preorder them until April 6 on Kickstarter!

As usual, I’m publishing my annual small press zine, but the focus has changed a bit. I’ve shifted from just covering micro-presses to widely cover small press comics, especially minicomics. So I changed the title from the Micro-Press Yearbook to The Tiny Report. There is still a Micro-Press Yearbook section, with a fold-out chart, but there are also lot of minicomic reviews and interviews with artists.

Read more at: Paper Rocket 2018 Spring Line | THE TINY REPORT

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Database Progress Update

Hi, everybody, just a quick note about the Mini-Comic and Fanzine Database. Since the last update we’ve added 142 new entries and updated another 171 (new data or photos). 29 of those are new fanzine entries by Dana Marie Andra.

One of the most recent additions (above) is Mutt #4 by Jim Conatser. One of these days I’ll manage to complete my Conatser collection. Great stuff.

The March mini-comic is almost wrapped up and will be mailed out soon!

You’ve seen the Database, right?

Source: Progress Update | Poopsheet Foundation on Patreon

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Mail Bag: Mörf by Billy McKay and 24 other artists

Have you seen this crazy thing? It’s a full-color jam comic by 25 artists in which each artist only saw the page before theirs. When all the drawings were done Billy McKay wrote a story around them (in rhyming verse even). The other artists are Billy McKay, Marc Palm, Max Clotfelter, Jeff Heidel, Dale Martin, Ryan Holgerson, Micah Liesenfeld, Chad Woody, Henry Knoth, Warren E. Elliott, Jimbo Easter, Nate McDonough, Andrew Goldfarb, Adam Yeater, Jesse Thomas, Oryan McGowan, Joseph Tenney, Pam Bliss, Suzanne Baumann, Carrie McNinch, Jason Young, Bruce Orr, Bob Corby, Tom Cherry and Bob Vojtko. Pretty great list!

You can pick this one up (and other good stuff) in Billy’s Etsy shop.

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Mail Bag: Strimp by Simon Mackie

Simon Mackie’s been drawing small press comics for a long time but this is his first ever mini! And a micro mini at that. It’s actually been out a while now but do check in with him to see if it’s still available. If it’s not, I’m sure he can point you to something equally as entertaining.

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Mail Bag: new mini-comics from Brian Horst

Brian Horst is printing up new minis all the time. Drop him a line and see how to get some for yourself. Some of the latest include Laffs #2 and Things I’ve Gotten Pretty Good at in the Last Three Years.

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Mail Bag: Through a Basement Window by Clark A. Dissmeyer

If you’ve been around mini-comics for a while or have read up on their history you’ve probably seen work by Clark Dissmeyer (also known as CAD). He’s been an incredibly prolific creator for decades even when not making a large effort to get the work out to the public. Although he’s dabbled in a variety of genres and approaches, The perfectly titled Through the Basement Window: The Collected Comix of Clark A. Dissmeyer 1984-1986 is a solid collection of some of his darker, spooky and sometimes macabre comics work. This is a 160-page trade paperback edited by longtime collaborator Marc Myers and designed by Richard Krauss.

Here’s an excerpt (taken from the book) from an unpublished 1984 interview that offers some insight into Dissmeyer’s approach as a creator:

“I want to avoid the familiar stereotypes, archetypes and cliches of comics — funny animals, heroes, continuing character humor, slapstick, ‘topical’ satire, straight gag formats, EC imitation, etc. I want to do good non-cliched horror comics, vignettes and short stories. To conduct experiments in narrative without falling into RAW-like obscurantism, and in structure to develop an individual visual vocabulary.”

You can see an incomplete list of his output at the Database. Many of those minis and zines are hard to find so this collection would be a great start for those unfamiliar with his work.

Through a Basement Window can be purchased at Amazon or, no doubt, by contacting publisher Marc Myers.

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Mail Bag: Minis, Digests, Etc. #8 from Scott Davis

Scott Davis’ ongoing print catalog of small press comics chugs along. This one includes entries from Cyanide Milkshake (Liz Suburbia) to The Dirty Old Lady Digest (Jabberwocky Graphix). Full-color cover scans are sprinkled throughout.

It’s available for $4.00 via Paypal (storeyteller (at) comcast (dot) net) or cash/check in the mail, trade or for information about minis you’ve published or ones that you own.

All the previous issues (except for the first issue, I think) are still available for $4 each or trades/info.

Snail mail:
Scott Davis
114 Lesnyk Road
Goffstown, NH 03045

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October’s Monthly Mini-Comic is here!

This month’s mini is Th’ Usual Suspex! by Gary Fields. As a bonus, orders will also come with a random golden oldie by Brian Horst while supplies last.

Only $5.00 postpaid and all proceeds go toward maintaining and building the Mini-Comic and Fanzine Database.

Subscriptions are available through Patreon and single months can be purchased through the Poopsheet Shop.

The Mini-Comic and Fanzine Database is a virtual archive of minicomics, fanzines, small press comics, newave comix and related items. Over 10,500 entries and counting!

Thank you for your support!

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The monthly mini-comics for September are out!

The second installment of the Poopsheet Foundation Monthly Mini-Comic series is now available. All proceeds help in building and maintaining the Mini-Comic and Fanzine Database.

The September 2017 mailing includes two minis. First up is Wag Rag #2 with comics and art by Hal Mundane, Andy Nukes, Caesar Meadows, Billy McKay and Roger Langridge.

The second mini for this month is Poopsheet? with info on some recently published small press comics by a variety of folks and cover art by Andy Nukes.

Subscriptions are through Patreon and individual months can be purchased at the Poopsheet Shop.

Thank you for your support!

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Selected Drawings, weekly zine by Shawn Eisenach

Shawn Eisenach publishes his drawings in a weekly zine of which at least 116 pages have been published so far. The new set above doesn’t seem to be up at the wholewheattoast shop yet but I’m guessing it will be soon.

Source: Shawn Eisenach on Instagram