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The monthly mini-comics for September are out!

The second installment of the Poopsheet Foundation Monthly Mini-Comic series is now available. All proceeds help in building and maintaining the Mini-Comic and Fanzine Database.

The September 2017 mailing includes two minis. First up is Wag Rag #2 with comics and art by Hal Mundane, Andy Nukes, Caesar Meadows, Billy McKay and Roger Langridge.

The second mini for this month is Poopsheet? with info on some recently published small press comics by a variety of folks and cover art by Andy Nukes.

Subscriptions are through Patreon and individual months can be purchased at the Poopsheet Shop.

Thank you for your support!

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Selected Drawings, weekly zine by Shawn Eisenach

Shawn Eisenach publishes his drawings in a weekly zine of which at least 116 pages have been published so far. The new set above doesn’t seem to be up at the wholewheattoast shop yet but I’m guessing it will be soon.

Source: Shawn Eisenach on Instagram

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To Read: Bottoms Up!, new from Birdcage Bottom Books

“BOTTOMS UP! True Tales of Hitting Rock-Bottom” is an anthology collecting real stories of bottoming out from alcoholism, drug dependency, sex addiction, body dysmorphia, pornography addiction and more. These stories have been adapted into comics by a team of incredibly talented and diverse cartoonists

Edited by J.T. Yost

Contributors include:

– Josh Bayer (title page)
– Haleigh Buck
– Kevin Budnik
– Josh Burggraf
– Max Clotfelter
– Peter S. Conrad
– Nate Doyle
– Rachel Dukes
– Chad Essley
– Mike Freiheit
– Tatiana Gill
– Danny Hellman (back cover)
– Jordan Jeffries
– Gideon Kendall
– Victor Kerlow
– Brendan Kiefer
– Sara Lautman
– Lizz Lunney
– Daniel McCloskey
– Chris Monday
– Fred Noland
– Adam Pasion
– Ben Passmore (front cover)
– Simon Petersen
– Summer Pierre
– John Porcellino
– Gillian Rhodes
– Matt Rota
– Kevin Scalzo
– Holly Simple
– Karl Stevens
– Michael Sweater
– Meghan Turbitt
– Noah Van Sciver
– Elaine M. Will
– Jess Worby
– George Wylesol
– Adam Yeater
– J.T. Yost

Published by Birdcage Bottom Books

6″ x 9″, 256 pages. $15
Full-color covers with b+w interior. Perfect-bound

Source: BOTTOMS UP! True Tales of Hitting Rock-Bottom – Birdcage Bottom Books


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To Read: Everywhere Disappeared by Patrick Kyle, new from Koyama Press

A keen observer of the absurd, Patrick Kyle’s stories defamiliarize the machinations of life, work and art with droll dialogue and his angular, humanely geometric drawing and sci-fi settings that recall set design more than satellite images. Kyle’s figures may be foreign, his settings strange, but his stories resonate deeply.

6.5 x 9”, 208 pages, b&w, trade paper

Debuting at SPX 2017.

Koyama Press

Source: Patrick Kyle


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Back in Print: Michael Neno’s Junior Class Drawings

Source: Michael Neno

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To Read: Dust Pam by Thu Tran, new from PEOW

Dust Pam is an anthropomorphic cat/dustpan, and all she wants is a clean house, but a gang of bugs keep messing with her flow. So Pam does the only thing she can. She asks her new co-workers form the cheese-ball factory, and her number 1 roomba buddy to come over and help her clean house for good! Who will win this battle? The Bugs or the Dust Pam? Hmmm. Find out at the end of the book.

72 pages / 3 color / Offset / 13 x 17 cm

PEOW Studio

Source: Brainfreeze Comics


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To Read: Thrill Mouth #1, new from Theo Ellsworth

It’s not there yet but keep an eye on Theo Ellsworth’s shop!

Source: Theo Ellsworth


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To Read: Mushrump by Bodie

A short little zine detailing the day to day life of the Mushrump, a little half mole half fungus creature.

This zine is 7.5cm by 11cm and hand made by me.

Slowquest shop

Source: Bodie


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To Read: Tuesday Moon by Todd Webb

Tuesday Brooks has had a bad day. What could possibly cheer her up? An adventure with Mann, the man in the moon!

“Tuesday Moon is charming, thoughtful, and full of the best kind of whimsy.”
– Raina Telgemeier, author of Smile

“A perfect mix of bedtime stories and comics.”
– Dave Roman, author of Astronaut Academy

A charming tale for kids of all ages from former Nickelodeon Magazine cartoonist Todd Webb (hey that’s me!), sure to lift your spirits.

perfect bound
5 x 7 inches
70 pages, full color

Source: Todd Webb


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To Read: SPX debut Aga by Liz Nugent

My first risographed zine is finally DONE! This is Aga, a wordless journey through the woods, debuting at SPX this September.

It started as a series of ink drawings in my moleskine. I was drawing them just to draw at first, but found myself wanting to add to the story so I kept going. Eventually I had enough to make a little 24-page book!

My wonderful friend @zarprey was kind enough to let me use her riso to print it (and she spent a lot of time troubleshooting & printing & fiddling with files & helping me figure things out!). It totally wouldn’t have been possible without her 💚

I’m so satisfied to see a little box of hand-assembled books that I made! And I’m utterly in love with the delicious riso textures.

Source: Liz Nugent