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Steven Ogden has left us.

My friend, longtime fan, author, fanzine publisher and comics researcher Steven Ogden died on March 1st, 2019 after a lengthy battle with leukemia and everything that goes along with its treatment.

Steve – along with his wife, Vicki – published fanzines and mini-comics through Spotted Zebra Press/New Spotted Zebra Press since the ’80s (or perhaps slightly earlier). Publications included Ouroborus, the mammoth Brad W. Foster Checklist of Published Works from the 20th Century (1972-2000), Edgar’s Journal, Metaphysical Pornographic Funnies and many others. He was also a longtime member of FAPA (The Fantasy Amateur Press Association).

Steve was so enthusiastic about mini-comics and fan publishing and was also a supporter of the Poopsheet Foundation. One of the ways he showed that support was by donating a stack of disks containing thousands of cover scans for the Mini-Comic and Fanzine Database. I’ve thus far used over 2,000 of those scans to create new entries and still have disks I haven’t even touched yet.

I feel fortunate that I got to hang out with Steve and Vicki on several occasions (unlike with most folks I know through comics) and am really thankful for that. My heart breaks for Vicki, family and friends. It may be a cliche but the one consolation is that he no longer has to suffer as he as for so long.

I can’t believe you’re gone, Steve. Thank you for everything.

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PEDANTIC STAN, new mini-comic by John Freeman and Lew Stringer

From Lew Stringer:

The London Film and Comic Con is this weekend, I’m one of the many comics guests who’ll be there… and I’m bringing along a new comic featuring a character from the past.

“Pedantic Stan, The Comics Fan” was created by John Freeman and myself back in 1990 and appeared in the comics news magazine Speakeasy every month. It’s never been reprinted so now I’ve gathered all the stories together (plus a special one that appeared in the UKCAC 1990 con booklet) as an A5 landscape mini-comic.

The 16 page comic will be exclusively available from my table at LFCC over the weekend for £2.00 After that, you’ll be able to buy it from my online shop next week (and from other comic cons I attend this year).

Read More: BLIMEY! The Blog of British Comics: PEDANTIC STAN mini-comic to debut at LFCC

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Mail Call: MINIS, DIGESTS, ETC. #9 by Scott Davis

Scott Davis has another new issue out of his “Iterative Reference Guide” to small press comics published since Jay Kennedy’s Newave Comix Price Guide.

32 pages of listings plus full-color cover scans scattered throughout. It’s a bit like the Mini-Comic and Fanzine Database (in fact, we’ve collaborated on both projects) but in print form. Definitely a good series to have in your library.

Email Scott for info on how to order.

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Mail Call: YOUR DEAD COMICS 2017 by Wayne Gibson

Wayne Gibson draws portraits of famous people who passed on in the past year. This issue’s got Charles Manson, Adam West, Paul O’Neill, Don Rickles, John Geils, Chuck Barris, Stephen Furst, Monty Hall, Chris Cornell, Jay Thomas, Michael Parks, Roger Moore, Don Williams, George A. Romero, Jerry Lewis, Tobe Hooper, Gregg Allman, Bill Dana, Harry Dean Stanton, John Dunsworth, John Anderson, Martin Landau, John Heard, Sam Shepard, John Hurt, Ronnie Davis, Charlie Murphy, Fats Domino and Professor Irwin Corey.

Signed and numbered edition of 100.

Catch Wayne on Facebook for info on how to get yours.

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Ryan Heshka’s Mean Girls Club: Pink Dawn, new from Nobrow

This stereotype-busting graphic novel subverts 1950s clichés to bring you an utterly wild, pink-tinted trip in Ryan Heshka’s unmistakably cool style. The Mean Girls Club have been laying waste to the town for years, and the power-crazed Mayor Schlomo is hell-bent on their destruction. He blackmails a young mechanic named Roxy to infiltrate the Clubhouse – but her feisty attitude lands her an initiation into the Club instead! Torn between the sleazebag Mayor’s dirty threats and her unexpected friendships with the Mean Girls, Roxy holds the fate of the Club in her hands…

Source: Nobrow Press | Mean Girls Club: Pink Dawn

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Lorenz Peter’s On Vinyl to Debut at TCAF

The world of a record dealer is only slightly more respectable than the profession of cartoonist or comic shop owner, as Lorenz Peter knows well. Peter, the award-winning artist behind Dark Adaptation and Chaos Mission, is also a musician and record collector. A few years ago he opened up a small record shop in Toronto called LP’s LPs, and started buying and selling vinyl in earnest. Now we have a sort of record of his years in the vinyl mines in the form of a new graphic novel, a semi-fictional account called On Vinyl, due this spring from Conundrum Press…

Read more at: Lorenz Peter’s “On Vinyl” Graphic Novel to Debut @ TCAF – Sequential

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Retrofit Comics 2018 Kickstarter

Check out the 2018 line-up. You can support individual books or pre-order them all at 50% off.

  • All the Sad Songs – Summer Pierre
  • Fashion Forecasts – Yumi Sakugawa
  • I Love You – Sara Lautman
  • John, Dear – Laura Lannes
  • Our Wretched Town Hall – Eric Kostiuk Williams
  • The Prince – Liam Cobb
  • Survive 300 Million 1 – Pat Aulisio
  • Survive 300 Million 2: Serpentine Captives – Pat Aulisio
  • The Troublemakers – Baron Yoshimoto
  • TRUMPTRUMP vol. 2: Modern Day Presidential – Warren Craghead III
  • Understanding – Becca Tobin
  • The Winner – Karl Stevens

Read more at the Retrofit Comics 2018 Kickstarter.

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Ink Stains 105: G.B. Love’s The Golden Age #7

Ken Meyer Jr.’s latest “Ink Stains” fanzine column is up and focuses on The Golden Age #7, published by G.B. Love in 1971. Check out this Don Newton wraparound cover!

G.B. Love did not only produce the long running RBCC, but this gem, The Golden Age (issue 7)! The Golden Age 7: Winter, 1971 Editor and publisher: G. B. Love Those of you that know fanzines at all most certainly know the name G. B. Love from the long running RBCC. Many know far more than…

More info and lots of interior scans here: Ink Stains 105: Golden Age 7 | ComicAttack

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March’s Monthly Mini-Comics: Steve Willis and Hal Mundane

The March minis are currently on their way to all subscription patrons. Hooray!

This month we’ve got:

Hal Mundane‘s Slow Death of a Pseudo-Intellectual (Wag Rag #5), underground comix about a creative type who overanalyzes and over-agonizes (nope, can’t relate to that, nope).

Steve WillisAs I Recall the ‘Sixties. Originally published in 1983, this mini calls out the remarkable similarities of two decades in American history.

The Monthly Mini-Comics are available by subscription through Patreon and by month at the Poopsheet Shop.

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Paper Rocket 2018 Spring Line

I’ll be publishing two titles in April, just in time for MoCCA Fest. You can preorder them until April 6 on Kickstarter!

As usual, I’m publishing my annual small press zine, but the focus has changed a bit. I’ve shifted from just covering micro-presses to widely cover small press comics, especially minicomics. So I changed the title from the Micro-Press Yearbook to The Tiny Report. There is still a Micro-Press Yearbook section, with a fold-out chart, but there are also lot of minicomic reviews and interviews with artists.

Read more at: Paper Rocket 2018 Spring Line | THE TINY REPORT