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The Creators Project on Ron Regé, Jr.

For Regé, drawing is ‘kind of like eating or sleeping,’ resembling a basic biological function more than a conscious act. That’s why he doesn’t like to stress over the origins of his creativity, because it’s actually a part of who he is.

Source: Ancient Mystical Rituals Inspire an Intricate ‘Cartoon Utopia’ | City of the Seekers | The Creators Project

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Listen: Thru Black Holes Band

Michael Roden (Thru Black Holes Comix) and company put out 24 albums between 1989 and 2004 and they’re all online for the listening.

Source: The Official Thru Black Holes Band web site

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Greg Cook chronicles the career of cartoonist Jef Czekaj at WBUR’s The ARTery

The Somerville artist’s latest children’s picture book is about dogs accidentally, humorously raising a bird as their own puppy.

Source: From Indie Rock To R2-D2: How Somerville’s Jef Czekaj Became A Children’s Book Illustrator | The ARTery

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2016 Micro-Press Survey | THE TINY REPORT

From Robyn Chapman:

Happy New Year! And you know what the New Year brings: another micro-press survey! (Also more vintage clock-and-girl glamor shots.) Did you fill out the survey for 2015? Then go HERE for the Fast T…

Source: 2016 Micro-Press Survey | THE TINY REPORT

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John Balge, 1954-2014 (via Sequential Pulp)

Early Canadian Fanzine Pioneer by BK Munn John Balge died September 14 in Kitchener, Ontario. As the founder and publisher of the fanzine Comic Art News a

Source: John Balge, 1954-2014 – Sequential