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NOBOTS by Adam Yeater, Zac Finger & Others

NOBOTS is a 24-page, black and white, anthology with full color wrap around cover created by Adam Yeater and Zac Finger. It’s all about humanities fall to the ROBOTS and features art and stories by Adam Yeater, Zac Finger, Daniel Reisinger, Kevin Gentilcore, Jacob Breckenridge, Marco Maraggi, Arnaud Maniak, Nicolas Rossius, Damon Begay, Billy McKay, Max Clottfelter, Elisa Mask, Cameron Forsley, Vic Hollins, Eric Schock, Joe DeRosa, Brad Dwyer, Tony McMillen, and me, Warren E. Elliott!

The stories touch on a bunch of subjects such as fake news, smart cars, social media, smart phones, streaming media, the internet, sex, and more! The mix of art styles and topics make NOBOTS a fun read with an ever changing look and narrative every few pages! The whole thing comes together nicely to deliver a darkly funny take on what our technological future could be like!

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Steve Ogden Fanzine Collection on eBay

Some of you know fanzine publisher/collector Steve Ogden passed recently. Per his wishes, I’ve begun listing his massive collection which includes comic fanzines, sf fanzines, mini-comics, underground comix, comic books and more.

Here are the current auctions and there are many, many more on the way. Please add me as a favorite seller if you’d like to stay on top of the new listings.

BEYOND THE CLOCK #24 comic fanzine BUTCH GUICE Doug Hazlewood BATMAN 1980

BEYOND THE CLOCK #26 comic fanzine BUTCH GUICE Marshall Rogers O’CONNELL 1980

BLACK MYSTERY #1 comic fanzine STEVE SHIPLEY Alan Houston comics zine 1968


BLAST #2 comic fanzine HARLAND RONNING Charlie Chan sf fiction Canadian 1971

BLAST #3 comic fanzine STEFAN PETRUCHA Harland Ronning sf Canadian 1971

BLAST #4 comic fanzine STEFAN PETRUCHA Harland Ronning Canadian comics 1971

BEM #7 / WEIRD TRASH #3 British comic fanzine PAUL GRAVETT Bemusing UK zine 1975

BIMBO minicomic STEVE SKEATES small press mini-comic fanzine 1990s

BLACK STAR COMICS #1 fanzine RICK WEINGROFF illustrated fiction superhero 1963

BEST OF NIGHTMARE AND PSYCHO #2 horror comics FOX Hickman MOENCH Kanigher 1999

BIRD-BRAIN #1 comic fanzine RUSS FERRYMAN Larry Blake NORRIS + letters 1976

BLACKJACK #3 comic fanzine DICK GIORDANO Lar Walczak formerly Super Spy 1960s

STRIPS #4-5 NZ comix fanzine PAUL POWER Flexible Shaft BARRY LINTON Kiwi 1977


ARMAGEDDON #1 / CRYPT #2 comic fanzine HERNDON Gelb KURTZMAN DuBay KELEZ 1966

CBS JOURNAL #2 comic club fanzine Fantastic Four spoof Fort Worth Texas 1967

CBS JOURNAL #3 comic club fanzine TOWER COMICS Jim Steranko Texas 1967

CARTOONEWS #8 fanzine CHRISTMAS cards cartoons JACK KIRBY Denis Kitchen 1975

CANADA’S BEST #1 comic fanzine VINCE MARCHESANO Art Cooper CANADIAN zine 1969


BULLDOG #9 comic strips fanzine TOM MASON Steve Kristiansen TARZAN UFO zine 1976

BLAZING VIOLENCE #1 comic fanzine LARRY BLAMIRE Bill Devine ama-hero strip 1975

B.S…P.S. #1 comic fanzine CARL BARKS Disney RICH BUCKLER David McDonnell 1974

COFFINWORM #7 comic fanzine BEN KATCHOR Carl Gafford ROMERO Jones BPP 1971

COFFINWORM #9-10 comic fanzine BEN KATCHOR Arvell Jones CARL GAFFORD smut 1972

COLLECTOR #16 comic fanzine JIM STERANKO Neal Adams DON ROSA Wertham 1969

COLLECTOR #18 comic fanzine DON ROSA Alan Hanley ROMERO Fantucchio BLACK 1970

COLLECTOR #20 comic fanzine NEAL ADAMS Joe Kubert ROMITA Kane NEWTON Kline 1970

COLLECTOR #21 comic fanzine TOM SUTTON Don Rosa ROBERT KLINE Plastic Man 1970

COLLECTOR #22 comic fanzine GROTH Hanley FANTUCCHIO Newton BECK Romero 1971

ASH-WING #19 sf fanzine REED WALLER Stu Shiffman RANDALL LARSON zine 1976

ALPHA #13 sf fanzine JAN JANSEN Bob Shaw WILLIAM ROTSLER Atom Belgian zine 1956

ALPHA #15 sf fanzine JAN JANSEN Bill Harry WILLIAM ROTSLER Atom Belgian 1957

AGGIECON 18 program book ROWENA MORRILL Nick Smith BEN BOVA Kerry O’Quinn 1987

ALL MIMSY #5 fantasy fanzine 1st J.R.R. TOLKIEN fan fiction RUTH BERMAN 1959

ANKUS #6 sf fantasy fanzine BRUCE PELZ Bjo Trimble FAPA Justice Society 1962

ANKUS #11 sf fantasy fanzine BRUCE PELZ Walter Breen FAPA Hugo Awards zine 1964

APOLLO #7 sf fanzine ROBERT HEINLEIN Fabian GEIS Rotsler BLOCH Zelazny IS 1976

Thanks for looking!

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Rob Clough Visits the Center for Cartoon Studies

Center for Cartoon Studies

This past week I attended Industry Day at the Center for Cartoon Studies, which occurs late in the spring semester and brings editors, publishers, critics and agents together to do a two-hour panel on the state of the comics industry as well as several hours worth of one-on-one portfolio reviews. Here are some scattered thoughts regarding the experience.

Read more at: High-Low

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September’s Indie Comics & Stuff

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Bobby Madness sighting: Fluke #12 (2015)

A true story of Bobby’s life on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in the early ’80s, when he was just 14 and 15 years old. It’s based on three shows he saw down there – The Cramps, Ramones, and Stiff Little Fingers. Join in the fun (& fatigue) Bobby experienced as he ran in the streets with his friend Chris, in search of drugs, girls, and punk rock!

76 pages, pocket-sized comic

Source: Fluke Fanzine — Issue 12 | 2015


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Stratu’s Diary Comix

Have you seen Stuart Stratu’s daily diary series? Fun stuff from the mastermind behind the Sick Puppy and Blackguard minicomix anthologies.

The issues above are older but contact Stratu to catch up on newer ones. You can also get a peek at recent strips here.

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Poopsheet Foundation benefit auctions

This week I’m listing a ton of great mini-comics and such at eBay to help raise some funds for Poopsheet HQ. There are a bunch up already (see teaser below) with plenty more on the way. Please take a look and if you could share this with your comics pals I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

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Steve Willis, Matt Groening, Megan Kelso in discussion

There’s a kind of mythology surrounding The Evergreen State College (Olympia, Washington) and its comix history. Here are Matt Groening, Steve Willis, Megan Kelso, Craig Bartlett, Tommy Thompson and Drew Christie on a panel about their experience at Evergreen and later careers.

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Ink Stains 92: Ken Meyer, Jr. on FOOM 4 and 5

Ken Meyer, Jr. looks at a couple issues of FOOM, Marvel’s in-house fanzine of the ’70s, in the latest installment of his “Ink Stains” column at Comic Attack.

FOOM, the Marvel fanzine, not only has in house fun from the Marvel staff and freelancers, but in these issues, a contest for fans! Fans that included future pros Steve Rude, Doug Hazlewood, and many more!

Source: Ink Stains 92: FOOM 4 and 5 | ComicAttack

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Mini-Comic and Fanzine Database update report for January 22nd, 2017

Just a note to let everybody know that 58 new entries were added to the Database this past week and 88 entries were updated (additional data, additional or improved photos, etc.).

The newest entry is Honey by Caroline Paquita (2011) and the most recently updated entry is Dada Gumbo #9 published by Dale Luciano (1987).

As always, thanks so much for your support!

Source: Update report for January 22nd, 2017 | Poopsheet Foundation on Patreon