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Mineshaft #37 Edited by Everett Rand

Mineshaft #37 is a 52-page, digest size, black and white, comic zine anthology, printed in the U.S.A. on off-set press. Edited by Everett Rand. Front cover art and design by Drew Friedman and Back cover art by R. Crumb!!!

This is the 20th Anniversary Issue! In this issue we’re treated to excerpts from R. Crumb’s “Dream Diary,” and several of his comics and drawings! Also included between the covers of Mineshaft #37 are a great collection of new works by Billy Childish, Mary Fleener, Bill Griffith, Art Spiegelman, Christoph Mueller, David Collier, Noah Van Sciver, Nicolas C. Grey, Max Clotfelter, Robert Armstrong, Gioia Palmieri, Peter Poplaski, and more!

Each featured piece really captures that underground look and feel. The art is full of detailed backgrounds and weirdly amusing characters caught up in bizarre and funny situations. The different styles of the various artists and the eclectic stories make Mineshaft a fun filled read full of surprises guaranteed to entertain! You can get your copy of Mineshaft at

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Gravely Unusual

Gravely Unusual “The Most Unusual Illustrated Magazine!” is a 72-page, Black and White, horror themed magazine featuring comics, fiction, and interviews. Published by Terror Nosferatu Propaganda.

In “Clamor of the Bells” by Matthew M. Montelione (words), Pedro Lajud (art), and Eduardo Camacho (letters), an 18th century gentleman finds himself in a hellish, dream-like place somehow familiar yet foreign. Unable to utter a sound and surrounded by silence, he follows the strange ringing of bells…into the dark unknown!

In “Welcome to the Black Church” we get a change of pace as musical artist JakProgresso (AKA Jak Tripper) sits down for an interview. During the exchange JakProgresso talks about music, reading, movies, and his personal history with witches, gypsies, and the supernatural among other things.

Next a weary traveler stops to help a couple of kids in “Treppegeist” by Matt McGrath (words) and James English (art). The children claim their cat has run off into an old building. The traveler agrees to enter the creepy place to find the kids’ kitty…but things aren’t what they seem!

Then come two written pieces. First Adrian Encomienda treats us to a story about a family curse with a dark twist in Blank Page 237! Then Scott Hughes brings us a tale of two friends that venture out into the night to learn the dark secret of The Bone Box!

Returning to comics, Scott Bryan Wilson (writer) and Tom Napolitano (artist) conspire to give us The Unswerving Honesty of Reflections! In this tale a young man re-tales of a disturbing fateful family reunion that leaves its ominous mark on all involved over the course of decades!

At the Lexington Comics and Toy Convention the powers behind Gravely Unusual had the good fortune to briefly interview James O’Barr (The Crow)! In this quick Q and A you get a real feel for the type of guy O’Barr is and his general view of the comic book industry.

And in the final offering of this collection of Gravely Unusual stories, interviews, and comics we end with Deflower by Edwin Gallihan (story) and Sean Kelley (art)! This touching tale revolves around a young girl growing up to realize her childhood dream of one day being given away by her beloved father to…Darkness!

Gravely Unusual proved to be a unique pleasure to read and feast my eyes on! The horror theme bleeds across all 72 pages in dark delights of black ink on glossy paper. Long shadows cast their reach throughout the magazine touching a variety of characters, pulling them all into glorious gory peril sure to please the dark hearted!

Find Gravely Unusual at and on Instagram at and on Twitter at  and on Facebook at

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Paper Rock Scissors n’ Stuff Wars #2 by Luanga A. Nuwame and Hugh Rookwood

Paper Rock Scissors n’ Stuff Wars #2 is a 20-page, Black and White, 4-issue limited series, fantasy comic created, written, and lettered by Luanga A. Nuwame, with art and front cover by Hugh Rookwood. Published by Zelpha Comics.

An elite group of Scissors prepare to attack a small and isolated pack of papers. The Papers meanwhile muse over the Rocks apparent fear of being covered, and revel at the possibilities a new and mysterious liquid stolen from the Plastics offer. As these things go on the Rocks make some discoveries of their own to the shock and surprise of a lone member of the Scissors. Elsewhere the Plastics wait to see how things play out and the Anvils move into action!

I can’t praise the originality of this story enough. Pitting Rock, Paper, and Scissors against each other as disparate kingdoms each maneuvering to best the other is pure genius! The addition of other kingdoms such as the Plastics and Anvils only increases the possibilities and adds to the drama with unpredictable outcomes! The interactions between the different characters and keeping the rules of the game, such as Paper beats Rock by covering it, brings a sense of ridiculous humor to the story that keeps it fun amid the plotting and violence of battle! Hugh Rookwood’s art brings a polished look to the comic that reminds me a lot of Evan Dorkin’s Milk and Cheese, and that’s a great thing! Hugh manages to give these characters believable expressions and breathe life into them with bold, simple lines with excellent effect!

Be witness to this unfolding battle between Paper Rock Scissors at and find out more from Zelpha Comics at

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Latest fanzines from the Steve Ogden Collection

Some of you know fanzine publisher/collector Steve Ogden passed recently. Per his wishes, I’ve been listing his massive collection on eBay which includes comic fanzines, sf fanzines, mini-comics, underground comix, comic books and more.

Here are the current auctions and there are many, many more on the way. Please add me as a favorite seller if you’d like to stay on top of the new listings.

COMIC READER #43 fanzine ALAN HUTCHINSON Doug Potter JOHN RYAN comics on TV 1965

COMIC READER #45 fanzine WILL EISNER Ronn Foss HOWARD KELTNER John Ryan 1966

COMIC READER #46 fanzine RONN FOSS Margaret Gemignani McGEEHAN Hutchinson 1966

COMIC READER #47 fanzine JACK KIRBY Ronn Foss DOUG POTTER Alley Awards 1966

THE COMICS Vol. 8, #7 fanzine ROBIN SNYDER romance comic art pages 1997

THE COMICS Vol. 21, #1 fanzine STEVE DITKO Dave Sim ARCHIE COMICS 2010

THE COMICS Vol. 21, #2 fanzine ROBERT KANIGHER bibliography script 2010

COMIC REPORT #3 fanzine DAVE SIM Gene Day interview MAX JIGER Canadian zine 1976

COMIC REPORT #4 fanzine EC COMICS Dave Sim MAX JIGER Dell westerns Canadian 1976

COMIC REPORT #5-6 fanzine DAVE SIM Gene Day FRANK THORNE Hanley Canadian 1976


COMIC SHOWCASE #2 fanzine MARK AMMERMAN Mike McKenney STAR TREK Gubelman 1969

COMICS TODAY #1 comic fanzine TIM TRUMAN Sam Agro TY TEMPLETON Canadian 1990

COMIC READER #100 fanzine JACK KIRBY Sergio Aragones JOHN McGEEHAN Gafford 1973

COMIC READER #106 fanzine CLAY GEERDES Don Maitz JAY LYNCH Alan Jim Hanley 1974

COMIC READER #106 fanzine CLAY GEERDES Don Maitz JAY LYNCH Alan Jim Hanley 1974

COMIC READER #108 fanzine FRANK BRUNNER Clay Geerdes comix Doctor Strange 1974


COMIC TRIBUNE #1 fanzine BRUCE WILLIAMS Academy scandal JASINSKI newsletter 1968

COMIC STRIP SHOWCASE #1 fanzine LONE RANGER 1938-1942 western comics

COMIC STRIPS #3 comics fanzine HARVEY SOBEL Rusty Leyden STEVE McCATTY 1968

COMIC STRIPS #8 comics fanzine HARVEY SOBEL Rusty Leyden STEVE McCATTY 1968


COMICS NEWSLINE #20 comic fanzine CARL CORREA Silver Surfer news zine 1981

Thanks for looking!

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Desolation Wilderness by Claire Scully

Desolation Wilderness is a 32-page, full color, 102 x 152 mm, p/b £7.99 / $10.95, silent comic created and illustrated by Claire Scully. Published by Avery Hill Publishing.

Release date: 3 June 2019

According to creator and artist Claire Scully, “Desolation Wilderness is part of an ongoing project looking at landscape and memory – our relationship with the environment, effects we have on the world and space around us and in turn its profound affect on our own memory and emotions. Each of these landscapes is a starting point to a much bigger adventure that strives to answer the question of what lays beyond the horizon.”

This book is the second part of a series that began in Internal Wilderness, Claire’s 2016 piece examining memory and imagination through visual ideas and explored the idea that within the space on each sheet of paper a world can be created either from a distant memory of a childhood holiday or from the desire to see parts of the world that for now are only dreamed about.

Through the pages of Desolation Wilderness Claire continues to explore environments and relationships with a series of detailed and expressive pen, ink, and digital drawings. Each page is an intricate landscape study composed of hatching, crosshatching, and a subtle palette of earth tones used to beautifully color the silent pages.

You can lose yourself in Desolation Wilderness at and find more from Avery Hill Publication at

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Steve Ogden Fanzine Collection on eBay

Some of you know fanzine publisher/collector Steve Ogden passed recently. Per his wishes, I’ve begun listing his massive collection which includes comic fanzines, sf fanzines, mini-comics, underground comix, comic books and more.

Here are the current auctions and there are many, many more on the way. Please add me as a favorite seller if you’d like to stay on top of the new listings.

BEYOND THE CLOCK #24 comic fanzine BUTCH GUICE Doug Hazlewood BATMAN 1980

BEYOND THE CLOCK #26 comic fanzine BUTCH GUICE Marshall Rogers O’CONNELL 1980

BLACK MYSTERY #1 comic fanzine STEVE SHIPLEY Alan Houston comics zine 1968


BLAST #2 comic fanzine HARLAND RONNING Charlie Chan sf fiction Canadian 1971

BLAST #3 comic fanzine STEFAN PETRUCHA Harland Ronning sf Canadian 1971

BLAST #4 comic fanzine STEFAN PETRUCHA Harland Ronning Canadian comics 1971

BEM #7 / WEIRD TRASH #3 British comic fanzine PAUL GRAVETT Bemusing UK zine 1975

BIMBO minicomic STEVE SKEATES small press mini-comic fanzine 1990s

BLACK STAR COMICS #1 fanzine RICK WEINGROFF illustrated fiction superhero 1963

BEST OF NIGHTMARE AND PSYCHO #2 horror comics FOX Hickman MOENCH Kanigher 1999

BIRD-BRAIN #1 comic fanzine RUSS FERRYMAN Larry Blake NORRIS + letters 1976

BLACKJACK #3 comic fanzine DICK GIORDANO Lar Walczak formerly Super Spy 1960s

STRIPS #4-5 NZ comix fanzine PAUL POWER Flexible Shaft BARRY LINTON Kiwi 1977


ARMAGEDDON #1 / CRYPT #2 comic fanzine HERNDON Gelb KURTZMAN DuBay KELEZ 1966

CBS JOURNAL #2 comic club fanzine Fantastic Four spoof Fort Worth Texas 1967

CBS JOURNAL #3 comic club fanzine TOWER COMICS Jim Steranko Texas 1967

CARTOONEWS #8 fanzine CHRISTMAS cards cartoons JACK KIRBY Denis Kitchen 1975

CANADA’S BEST #1 comic fanzine VINCE MARCHESANO Art Cooper CANADIAN zine 1969


BULLDOG #9 comic strips fanzine TOM MASON Steve Kristiansen TARZAN UFO zine 1976

BLAZING VIOLENCE #1 comic fanzine LARRY BLAMIRE Bill Devine ama-hero strip 1975

B.S…P.S. #1 comic fanzine CARL BARKS Disney RICH BUCKLER David McDonnell 1974

COFFINWORM #7 comic fanzine BEN KATCHOR Carl Gafford ROMERO Jones BPP 1971

COFFINWORM #9-10 comic fanzine BEN KATCHOR Arvell Jones CARL GAFFORD smut 1972

COLLECTOR #16 comic fanzine JIM STERANKO Neal Adams DON ROSA Wertham 1969

COLLECTOR #18 comic fanzine DON ROSA Alan Hanley ROMERO Fantucchio BLACK 1970

COLLECTOR #20 comic fanzine NEAL ADAMS Joe Kubert ROMITA Kane NEWTON Kline 1970

COLLECTOR #21 comic fanzine TOM SUTTON Don Rosa ROBERT KLINE Plastic Man 1970

COLLECTOR #22 comic fanzine GROTH Hanley FANTUCCHIO Newton BECK Romero 1971

ASH-WING #19 sf fanzine REED WALLER Stu Shiffman RANDALL LARSON zine 1976

ALPHA #13 sf fanzine JAN JANSEN Bob Shaw WILLIAM ROTSLER Atom Belgian zine 1956

ALPHA #15 sf fanzine JAN JANSEN Bill Harry WILLIAM ROTSLER Atom Belgian 1957

AGGIECON 18 program book ROWENA MORRILL Nick Smith BEN BOVA Kerry O’Quinn 1987

ALL MIMSY #5 fantasy fanzine 1st J.R.R. TOLKIEN fan fiction RUTH BERMAN 1959

ANKUS #6 sf fantasy fanzine BRUCE PELZ Bjo Trimble FAPA Justice Society 1962

ANKUS #11 sf fantasy fanzine BRUCE PELZ Walter Breen FAPA Hugo Awards zine 1964

APOLLO #7 sf fanzine ROBERT HEINLEIN Fabian GEIS Rotsler BLOCH Zelazny IS 1976

Thanks for looking!

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Palm Tree by Grant Thomas

Palm Tree is a 10-page, black and white, silent, folded mini comic written and illustrated by Grant Thomas.

Just in time for Easter, this little mini tells the story of a guy and a palm tree and makes reference to another guy known for having a connection to palms, among other things!

You can pick-up this little mini comic for just $1 at and find more from Grant Thomas at and on Twitter at

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Dodo Comics #5 by Grant Thomas

For Mini-Comic Monday it’s…Dodo Comics #5 a 20-page, black and white, digest size comic written and illustrated by Grant Thomas.

In this issue we’re introduced to a young Medusa and her sisters. We learn of a water shortage that plays a role in dividing Medusa’s surrounding community that is already separated by religions. Medusa soon meets a love interest and together the two work out a plan to provide water to all, in this first part of Medusa!

Grant rolls out an entertaining story that presents a known character in a new and interesting light. The art, layout, and pacing all come together to propel the story ahead and build anticipation. Medusa’s snakes make an appearance, but have not yet taken up residence on her head. Will this Medusa follow the same path as that of the Medusa of mythology, or will this tale twist in some other direction? Find out for yourself by grabbing a copy of Dodo Comics #5 for just $3 at and find more from Grant Thomas at and on Twitter at

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Rooftop Stew by Max Clotfelter, published by Birdcage Bottom Books

Rooftop Stew is a 120-page, Black and White, perfect bound, standard size comic written and illustrated by Max Clotfelter. Published by Birdcage Bottom Books.

What can I say folks, I love Max Clotfelter’s art and stories! The rawness, the crudeness, and the over the top outlandishness just grabs something in me! I can relate to these stories and find myself getting lost in the overflowing line work and lavishly detailed hatching! In this collection of tales Max serves up both the fictional and autobiographical to entertain and delight fans that long for something a little different, and something that captures the lost purity of the underground! This is lowbrow comix at its finest! You can help give a boot to this most deserving KickStarter project at and find more from Birdcage Bottom Books at and and

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Steven Ogden has left us.

My friend, longtime fan, author, fanzine publisher and comics researcher Steven Ogden died on March 1st, 2019 after a lengthy battle with leukemia and everything that goes along with its treatment.

Steve – along with his wife, Vicki – published fanzines and mini-comics through Spotted Zebra Press/New Spotted Zebra Press since the ’80s (or perhaps slightly earlier). Publications included Ouroborus, the mammoth Brad W. Foster Checklist of Published Works from the 20th Century (1972-2000), Edgar’s Journal, Metaphysical Pornographic Funnies and many others. He was also a longtime member of FAPA (The Fantasy Amateur Press Association).

Steve was so enthusiastic about mini-comics and fan publishing and was also a supporter of the Poopsheet Foundation. One of the ways he showed that support was by donating a stack of disks containing thousands of cover scans for the Mini-Comic and Fanzine Database. I’ve thus far used over 2,000 of those scans to create new entries and still have disks I haven’t even touched yet.

I feel fortunate that I got to hang out with Steve and Vicki on several occasions (unlike with most folks I know through comics) and am really thankful for that. My heart breaks for Vicki, family and friends. It may be a cliche but the one consolation is that he no longer has to suffer as he as for so long.

I can’t believe you’re gone, Steve. Thank you for everything.