Tetragrammaton Fragments is the clubzine/newsletter of the United Fanzine Organization, a long-running small press co-op. It offers some good insight into the group with member columns, club business, reviews of member publications and more. This issue’s got columns by chairman Steve Keeter, Roger Keel, Verl Holt Bond, Steve Shipley, Jason Bullock, Rob Imes, Michael Waggoner, Rob Cooley, Tim Kelly, and Larry Johnson. Also, art and comics by Cooley, Shipley, Alan Sissom and Charles T. Smith.

If you’re interested in joining, ordering or subscribing:

Steve Keeter
6825 Tanglewood Bay Dr., Apt. 113
Orlando, FL 32821 USA

Source: In the mailbox: Tetragrammaton Fragments #256 – Blog – PF Community


Relatively recent releases from Henry and Fafá Jaepelt include: Discos (a comics anthology about music and records both real and imagined), Catzine #4 (you guessed it, a cat-centric comics anthology), Encrucijada #2 (comics and art from Latin America), and two issues of Aventuras do Pierre (a cat comic by Fafá). I’ve been a fan of Henry’s for years and it’s always a treat to see his work but there’s also lots of good stuff here from Fafá, of course, and a number of other artists from Brazil, Chile, Argentina and elsewhere (including Puerto Rico). Note that the text is mostly in Portuguese and Spanish but don’t let that stop you from checking them out.

Henry Jaepelt
Caixa Postal 249
89120.970 Timbó, SC

Source: In the mailbox: comics from Henry Jaepelt – Blog – The Poopsheet Foundation


Not My Small Diary No. 20 – The Power of Music https://www.etsy.com/listing/788277285/not-my-small-diary-20-the-power-of-music is a 136-page, digest size, black and white, perfect bound comics anthology edited by Delaine Derry Green. Cover by Ben Snakepit.

Not My Small Diary is always such a pleasure to read and this issue is even more enjoyable than usual because it’s about The Power of Music! As a music lover myself, I’m always interested to learn how others are moved by the tunes. Specific songs, live performances, or just artists that somehow connect, the power music has on so many people is just incredible. Within these pages Delaine Derry Green collects a wide range of individual musical experiences from over 50 artists and writers and shares their stories as told by their own hands! The finished work is a rhythmic composition of beautiful styles spanning the breadth between the roughness of old-school underground to the polished draftsmanship of commercial work! The personal experiences shared through these stories really hit home for me. Music has been such a big and important part of my life it’s easy to relate to the various tales. Even my mother-in-law’s friend (and terrific singer in my opinion), Slim Whitman, gets a mention in this comic! The variety of stories and experiences couldn’t be any better!
If you dig music, art, and comics, then you’ll want to join Colleen Frakes, Joe Decie, Andrew Goldfarb, Androo Robinson, Aaron Brassea, John Porcellino, Rob Kirby, MariNaomi, Julia Wertz, Jenny Zervakis, Jonathan Baylis, T.J. Kirsch, Simon Mackie, David Lasky, Noel Franklin, Misun Oh, Danny Noble, Fafá Jaepelt, Billy McKay, Chad Woody, Max Clotfelter, J.T. Yost, Ben Snakepit, J.M. Hunter, Jason Marcy, Steve Wallet, Jesse Reklaw, Ken Bausert/Steven Anderson, Michael Kraiger, George Erling, Joseph Cotsirilos, Aimee Hagerty Johnson, Jason Martin, Kevin Van Hyning, Pete Wentzell, Josh Medsker, Roberta Gregory, James Burns, Brad W. Foster, M. Jacob Alvarez, Tom Scarecrow, David St. Albans, Peter Conrad, Maddie Fix, Joel Orff, Dave Kiersh, Donna Barr, Sally-Anne Hickman, Missy Kulik, Jim Siergey, J Gonzalez-Blitz, Jennifer Hayden, and Carrie McNinch in the pages of Not My Small Diary No. 20 – The Power of Music at https://www.etsy.com/listing/788277285/not-my-small-diary-20-the-power-of-music

The Strong Baked Defenders #2 https://buff.ly/2WVfV6l is a standard size, full color, 28-page comic created by “Red” Fox and Matti V with line art by Zdravko Jandric, colors by Milan Rogulja (Cover) and El Zorro Rojo (Body), lettering by K’Eyi K’Ebero, character development by Rob Thibodeau, and modeling sheets by Vincent Marchesano. Published by Cor Industries.

It’s issue two and the four friends that got high and wandered into an ambush in the last issue now find themselves in an even more perilous situation! One can’t stop eating, another keeps leaving his body, a third is causing gravitational disruptions while having moments of philosophical clarity, and the fourth guy is falling apart…literally! On top of all that this quartet learns they’re now part of some bizarre experiment to turn them into heroes! Secret organizations, transformative pills, and too much THC are the ingredients that baked into this issue of The Strong Baked Defenders! 

The writing continues to build the suspense as the characters undergo intriguing changes leaving this issue with another effective cliffhanger. The concept behind The Stone Baked Defenders is becoming clearer and taking a really original and funny approach to the whole superhero mythos!

You can join the The Strong Baked Defenders at https://buff.ly/2WVfV6l and find more at https://www.facebook.com/CORIndustries/