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Onomatopoeia! by Meg Golding


Onomatopoeia! is a 16-page, B and W, digest size, glossy comic written and illustrated by Meg Golding.

This is a collection of a few, funny short stories. The comic opens with a warrior that just can’t seem to do anything right, that’s followed by a Mac and PC out on an awkward date trying to find out if they’re compatible! Also in this little treasure of polished art, shiny pages, and eccentric humor is the history of the world through butts!

Check out Onomatopoeia! and more from Meg Golding on Twitter at @thedamnhipsters and even more at and

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My Shenanigans by Defective Pudding

My Shenanigans is a 20-page, B and W with blue cardstock cover, digest size, personal comic written and illustrated by Defective Pudding.

Across the twenty pages that make up My Shenanigans Defective Pudding reveals the happy, quiet, and solitary moments that make up the life of a quirky young woman. She talks to inanimate objects, loses herself watching streaming water, and rejoices with stuffed animals. Her life is presented as one of wonderment and joy sprinkled with eccentricities that make her an endearing character. The artwork is raw and makes great use of exaggeration, deep pools of shadow, and hatching. The rendering style nicely complements the whimsical theme of the storytelling.

You can enjoy My Shenanigans and more at and follow Defective Pudding on Twitter at @Defectivepuddin

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Yellow Walls, The Monkey Bizness Confessions by Chris Kill

Yellow Walls, The Monkey Bizness Confessions is a 60-page, B and W with yellow cardstock cover, digest size, True Stories, Mature Readers comic zine created by Chris Kill.

Chris explains that about a decade ago he drew comic strips about his first work experience at an indoor playground business. Now some ten years later he has put together this comic that explores the true stories of his and his coworkers exploits while working within the yellow walls of Monkey Bizness!

The comic is divided up into sections and each section has an overall theme that runs through it. The themes covered include odd jobs, cleaning nightmares, pranks and hijinks, love and lust, workplace dating, smut, drugs and alcohol, and crime and punishment. Stuck in there somewhere there are also recollections about a penis shaped cake, hiring a monkey, sex on an air hockey table, and larceny!

Chris provides a fun, and at times outrageous, look at the youthful recklessness of young adult life in the workplace. Through it all he illustrates the shenanigans with a simple, consistent line that captures each characters’ uniqueness and details a believable background setting for all the action!

You can step inside the Yellow Walls, The Monkey Bizness Confessions at and follow Chris Kill across social media at @ChrisKillCo

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Stoney Baloney by Shelby Criswell

Stoney Baloney is a 12-page, digest size, black and white comic with full color cardstock covers written and illustrated by Shelby Criswell.

In this short tale we learn that shopping and drugs don’t mix as a precarious patron attempts to acquire a little rice and some fish. Unfortunately for the bug-eyed stoned consumer, a head trip sends him down the trembling and entertaining grocery aisles somewhere between reality and paranoid hallucinations!

Shelby’s art and story have an unconventional appeal that will delight fans of underground and counterculture comix. The simple line drawings combined with heavy shadows conveys a minimalist aesthetic, but Shelby manages to pack so much story and detail into every page that this comic overflows with well executed and absorbing originality!

You can take a bite of Stoney Baloney at and find more from Shelby Criswell at

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Shake the Lake Volumes 1-3 by Zach Block, Machi Block, Diego Lopez Mata, and Andrea Lopez Mata. Published by North Air Entertainment

Shake the Lake Volumes 1-3 is a 100+ page, full color, alternative, summer wakeboarding, anti-establishment comic and graphic novel created by Zach Block, Machi Block, Diego Lopez Mata, and Andrea Lopez Mata. Published by North Air Entertainment.

A group of bored young people set out on one last summer wakeboarding adventure before entering college or the fulltime workforce. Their quest for wondrous water takes the group of friends to Lake Victoria, Arizona. An oasis in the desert where one of the group’s uncles just happens to live…and he needs help running the family marina for the summer. What follows is a reunion with a little girl that has grown into a stunning young woman, an ambitious plan to save a bullied marina from a snobby yacht club, and clashes with local authorities delight in abusing their power!

This is a tale about coming of age set against the backdrop of summertime fun, relationships, and responsibilities. The writing really develops the main characters in a lot of detail. Throughout the storytelling the characters are further defined and fleshed out as they encounter different situations and make difficult decisions. As the story unfolds the characters’ individual personalities take form and solidify their importance to the tale. The art in Shake the Lake has a very distinct look. The backgrounds are highly detailed and realistic. The settings make you believe the characters are really in a lake town at the height of tourist season. The figure drawing also captures the distinctive features of each character, bringing a consistent realism to them that further grounds the comic in a believable setting.

You can ride the wakes of Shake the Lake at and find more at and

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Alien Insects by Adam Yeater and published by The Poopsheet Foundation

Alien Insects is an 8-page, red-on-blue cardstock, silent, Risograph-printed mini-comic illustrated by Adam Yeater and published by The Poopsheet Foundation

In this mini Adam Yeater takes us along on a perilous flight as an Alien Insect reconnoiters a strange landscape populated by bizarre creatures!

You can get Alien Insects and many more minis at the and…

Find even more at:

And, you can contact Rick at the Poopsheet at:

Rick Bradford

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Bedford, TX 76095-0343 USA

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Looking for Trouble by Katia Lara & Brian Nicholas

Looking for Trouble is a 36-page, black and white, fantasy mini-comic written and illustrated by Katia Lara, and Brian Nicholas assisting with character creation.

In an abandoned castle the Lizard Wizard’s favorite minion finds itself at the mercy of adventures seeking the Lizard Wizard himself. With no wizard to be found they leave the little minion to fend for itself, assuming it can do no harm. Soon the meek minion proves to be more of a threat than the adventures thought! With the aid of a bounty hunter, a mage, and mushrooms the favored minion realizes what it must do for itself and its minion cohorts!

Katia Lara’s talents as an artist are on full display in this neat little mini-comic. She illustrates a fantasy world full of intriguing characters, interesting backgrounds, and smart page compositions. The story follows a nice arc, sets up entertaining twists, and brings everything to an unexpected but satisfying conclusion. If you’re Looking for Trouble look no further than here and add this delightfully quirky comic to your collection!

Find more from Katia Lara at and and and

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Lili the Demoness #1 by Luis Torres, Brian Brinlee, Ylenia Di Napoli, Josh Southall & C.B. Zane. Published by Codex Entertainment, LLC.

Lili the Demoness #1 is a 28-page, standard size, full color, MATURE fantasy comic written and created by Luis Torres with line art by Brian Brinlee, colors by Ylenia Di Napoli, and letters by Josh Southall. Cover art by C.B. Zane and Ylenia Di Napoli. Published by Codex Entertainment, LLC.

Long ago when the angel Lucifer and his followers broke away from god’s realm, the voluptuous Lili Ardat chose to side with Lucifer. As Lucifer’s trusted aid she was tasked to retrieve a very powerful object, however once her task was complete she questioned her actions and her loyalties. Now both Lucifer’s demons and god’s angels are after her! Lili the Demoness must escape to the realm of man, but there she is powerless unless…she consumes the life force of humans through sexual intercourse to regain her strength!

Join Lili the Demoness as she battles the forces of good and evil, and sucks some unwitting dudes dry in the pages of Lili the Demoness #1!

Find Lili and others at and follow Codex Entertainment at and

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Larva Pimp by David Miller. Published by The Poopsheet Foundation

Larva Pimp is an 8-page, black and white mini-comic written and illustrated by David Miller. Published by The Poopsheet Foundation.

An old larva pimp just isn’t feeling like himself as he navigates the sordid and seedy streets through the bad side of town. Then, just when he finds his back against the wall, an amazing thing happens!

David Miller really delivers a neat story with great, old-school comix art! His detailed line work brings the quirky characters to life and fill the pages with awesome scenes that are a treat for your eyes!

You can get this mini and many more at the

And find even more at:


You can contact Rick at the Poopsheet at:

Rick Bradford

Poopsheet Foundation

PO Box 343

Bedford, TX 76095-0343 USA

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Go West #3 by Garrett Gunn, Saint Yak, Sean Forney, and HdE. Published by Alterna Comics

Go West #3 is a 36-page, full color, action western comic created and written by Garrett Gunn with interior art and cover pencils by Saint Yak, cover colors by Sean Forney, and lettering by HdE. Published by Alterna Comics.

In the New West old ways die hard. One man sets out to avenge his family after their brutal murder. The man was once one of the deadliest men in the New West, now he’s guided by revenge and won’t stop at anything until he gets it! Motorcycle riding allies and a woman packing a punch aid the man in this all-out, blood splattered battle royale!

Alterna Comics tells another great story thanks to the exceptional talents of the creative team that put this action western together! In this, the third and final issues of the limited series, the pace is fast and brutal. The writing, dialogue, and art all come together to make this one hard-hitting western that really showcases the depth and quality that can be found in independent comics!

You can Go West at and find more from Alterna Comics at